The Bear Grylls of Finance
The Bear Grylls of Finance

The Secret to raising business finance successfully, get a good guide. If you crash-landed in the middle of a jungle, you would be faced with many hidden dangers and enticing things to eat, some poisonous to your health, others not.

Then the big question, how do you get home safely?

Your chances of survival go up big time if Bear Grylls is with you.

Well, finding business finance can be pretty daunting; Manta has 59,507 Companies listed under Financial in the UK.

The high street banks all say they support the smaller business market, businesses with a turnover of less than £20m.

Well yes they do, but you have to tick the right boxes, such as;

  • Is your industry sector compatible with their lending criteria?
  • Your business and personal credit rating
  • What assets are going to back up the lend

Go to the wrong places looking for business finance and you; Waste your valuable time, just go round in circles, like you would in the jungle.

Leave unnecessary financial footprints, letting everyone know where you have been and where the application has not worked.

Why have the hassle and needless frustrations?

Well, I am not Bear Grylls, neither of us can guarantee to get the result you are looking for, but I can respectfully suggest your chances of success will go up dramatically by picking up the phone and talking through what your finance requirements are.

There are so many Finance Companies out there all offering Finance to different industry sectors and businesses with different credit ratings.

It is a question of knowing where to go and then speaking to the right person ( I like to go decision-makers, and if necessary explain any potential issues, before it goes into Underwriting).

Finance, Cash Advances and a huge array of Finance Options are available and can be put in place very quickly.

We can and have, on many occasions, made finance available within 24 hours.

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