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Looking for an easy way to unlock the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices? Invoice factoring or could be the solution to your cash flow worries. 

"Our invoice financing deal is now ten times better than it was before, thanks to Mark Smillie" - William Fulcher

Been turned down for finance elsewhere because you have a poor credit history, company failures or CCJs?

If your invoices are good we should still be able to help you out with invoice factoring. 

What is invoice factoring or finance?
It's a lending facility which helps improve cash flow by giving you quick access to funds trapped in unpaid invoices.

Allowing you to meet your financial commitments, invest in growth, and say goodbye to the worries of late payments or bad debts.

It's a brilliant way to streamline your finances and concentrate on what really matters—your core operations.

  • No commitment or monthly fee
  • Choose an invoice or multiple invoices
  • Receive the money the same day
  • Collect the invoices yourself
  • No personal Guarantee is necessary.

Alternatively, we can arrange loans secured on your book debts, starting from £50k to £5m, with a 5-day turnaround.

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Everything you need to know about invoice finance and factoring: 

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance is a flexible funding solution that allows businesses to unlock the cash tied up in their unpaid invoices. It provides immediate access to funds, helping to improve cash flow and support growth.

How does invoice finance work?

When you raise an invoice for goods or services provided, you can pass it to a finance company. They will advance you a percentage of the invoice value upfront (typically up to 90%) in < 24 hours. 

The benefits of invoice finance? 

Invoice finance offers numerous benefits, including improved cash flow, reduced financial stress, and the ability to invest in growth opportunities. It also eliminates the risks associated with late payments or bad debts, enabling you to focus on running your business.

Is invoice finance suitable for my business?

Invoice finance is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and larger companies. It can be particularly beneficial if your business experiences cash flow gaps due to long payment terms or late-paying customers.

Will my customers know I am using it?

It depends on the type of invoice finance you choose. With confidential invoice finance, your customers will not be aware of the arrangement. With disclosed invoice finance, the finance provider handles the collection and your customers are notified.

How quickly can I receive funding?

The speed of funding varies depending on the finance provider and your application process. However, once you have an established invoice finance facility, funds can often be made available within 24 hours of submitting an invoice.

What happens if my customer doesn't pay?

You are protected against bad debts. Most providers offer credit protection services or will assume the risk themselves, ensuring you still receive a percentage of the invoice value if your customer fails to pay.

I already have overdrafts and finance facilities

Yes, invoice finance can work alongside other forms of business funding, including bank overdrafts or existing finance facilities. It can complement your existing arrangements and provide an additional source of capital.

How much does invoice finance cost?

The cost of invoice finance varies depending on factors such as your industry, business size, and invoice volume. 

selective invoicing

As the name might suggest, Selective Invoice Financing works by selecting particular invoices on which to raise cash. Then, the finance company pays you the balance in advance.

This a fast, flexible and discreet route to finance for companies with large invoices to clients with lengthy payment terms. There is no contractual commitment and no personal guarantee is required.


To get a business loan secured on your book debts, the finance company will take a charge on the existing outstanding amounts and provide you with a loan. You’ll get a fixed rate of interest and you’ll only pay the interest payments on a schedule as you can make capital repayments at any time or rollover the loan at the end of the term. Additionally, there’s no personal guarantee required for this type of loan.

If an interest only loan of up to £4m would support your business then this is the route for you.

tailored finance

Because we know that every business is different, there are routes to invoice finance which can be designed specifically based on your circumstances.

We have the contacts and expertise to put together a package tailored to your business. So, if you’re concerned that your business isn’t quite “typical” enough then don’t worry, we’ll put together an application to help you get an offer of finance which suits your situation.

Invoice finance broker tips

Please note: To get it right with this type of finance you really need the inside track, that's the part the salesman does not tell you...

You have to consider hidden charges, quality of customer care once signed up, and that you might be liable to lose some clients because of their verification process.

To get it right, talk to us...

  • If you are worried about late payers making things difficult for you then invoice finance allows you to get paid when you need it (even as soon as you raise the invoice), then repay the finance company in 60-90 days when your client pays you.
  • A great type of finance for any business which consistently waits on payments due to the nature of its operation or its clients.
  • Invoice finance can be especially good for those in the Construction sector as we can arrange payment on your Uncertified Applications for Payment

The BIG problem with invoice factoring 

You've probably heard of companies having problems with their factoring and invoice discount companies.

It's simply that they went to the wrong company. At the last count, there were 92 companies that would lend you money on your book debts. Well, go to the wrong company, one that doesn't truly understand you and your business and you'll have major problems. Most company directors are attracted by the finance company's name and the interest rate.

After all, that's what the salesman sells. But it's imperative that you get help choosing the right finance company, as this will alleviate so many problems. Here are some of the common complaints that we here every week:

  • There's a raft of hidden charges that I wasn't aware of. 
  • The staff turnover is ridiculous, so I never speak to the same contact twice. 
  • They are completely inflexible and my finances are much worse now than they were before. 
  • I spend more time dealing with the finance company than I run my business and my stress levels are through the roof.
  • I'm locked in and I can't get out.

However, there are so many benefits to choosing the right finance company. You can expand or bid for any job secure in the knowledge that you have financing. The finance company doesn't contact your clients, there's a very clear fee structure in place with no hidden surprises. 

The biggest mistake people make is being forced to model their business around what suits the finance company. Well, here at Ringrose Business finance, we offer a solution which is tailor made to suit your company instead. 

Ready to chat about invoice factoring? 

“We are a successful growing company, but unfortunately in our Industry, we could not get the support we were looking for from the High Street Banks, so with a healthy debtor book just sitting there we decided to use it.

Mark has been writing for some time on the importance of choosing the right Finance Company to Finance your book debts.

Well he did everything he writes about, I was introduced to a Company Director, who was genuinely interested in what we did and how we operate, the company we saw have one of the highest client and staff retention rates.

But what I was impressed with was their can do attitude. The whole hassle free process took about two weeks.

My advice is, before financing your invoices, give Mark a call.”

Matthew Jones
Arc Steel Fabrication Services Ltd

“We’re very pleased with the financial solution Mark delivered for us and we still keep the direct relationship with our clients as a result. As a young and growing business, we hadn’t held out much hope of being able to find the support we needed, but having done some research, Mark was confident he could help. He’s definitely the go-to person for invoice finance.”

Drew Benham
Director-Comcore Ltd