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We are specialist property development finance brokers, giving you a route to financing your building development is what we do every day

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Property development finance is one type of business finance that we hear more negative feedback about than any other. Truly, we hear horror stories from clients, who have applied direct or online for this type of loan. Don't let that happen to you.

On this page you will find a quick flavour of these problems and our property development finance solutions.

Let us offer you a way forward, which is stress free and ensures you get the right finance for your development at the best overall rate.

We are specialist property development finance brokers, it's what we do every day.

property development finance

Have any of these things ever happened to you?

  • “Despite constant assurances and endless paperwork, I was let down on the day of exchange.”
  • “We entered a property development deal, initially attracted by the interest rate, but were constantly being hit with hidden extras!"
  • "We had so many problems with the finance company's QS, with additional fees and costs, as well as delays which have led to stress and sleepless nights.”

Types of finance for developers


A secured loan is money you borrow that is secured against an asset you own, usually your home. The interest rates tend to be cheaper than with unsecured loans, but it can be a much riskier option so it's important to understand how secured loans work and what happens if you can't make the payments.


Bridging loans, come in all shapes and sizes, and requirements for them vary; sometimes people need quick emergency cash for an unseen matter and others consider these loans in advance when planning property sales or purchases. Under some circumstances, they can be rolled into a cheaper long term loan.

How to get accepted for property development finance first time...

If you want to be successful in your application for property development finance, then you need to get two things right...

First, you have choose the right finance company, then you have to get the application right - first time.

To choose the right finance company for you, you'll have to know which ones are accepting applications for the size of deal your looking for, the development experience you have, your credit history, the of development your working on and what your exit route is Additionally, you'll need to know which finance companies are currently seeking exposure in the sector that you fall in.

And if you think that sounds tricky, then the next is more so, because once you find the right lender for you, you still have to present them with a proposal in the way that the Underwriter is going to accept, and give you the best deal.

You need to package the loan that shows the following clearly and the underwriter needs to feel, you have a cautious approach and are not over optimistic.

You'll also have to consider ensuring you've included the cost of purchase of land or building, the construction/build costs, marketing/sales costs, time deadlines for each stage and exit plans.

You can see why an experienced property development finance broker will come into their own at this stage.

Get any of the above wrong and you will be inviting a last minute turn down or you will pay much more than you should. Do not be attracted by internet offers, like rates from 1%, same day decision, 100% finance available to purchase and fund your project.

When you are turned down for finance it will negatively impact your chance of success the next time, even if you do find the right lender.

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