It’s Wednesday, 07/07/21 and the whole nation is crossing their fingers, can our boys deliver the goods against the Danes tonight?

We’re at home, we’ve yet to concede a goal, and every player has a clean bill of health. So who will Southgate start with? With so much talent to choose from, I’m pleased I’m not in his position.

Arguments like this often come down to specialists vs generalists. 

On the whole, while it helps to have specialists in your team, England has done well so far by focussing on more generalist players. Both attack and defence. With players like Harry Kane or Harry Maguire able to get the points needed, with the speed to come back and solidify our defences when needed.

When it comes to the business world, the arguments of specialists vs generalists is just as heated.

I’m firmly in the specialists camp. Specialists can deliver the magic; the results generalists could only dream about. They’ve spent years honing their craft and can spot a problem and its inevitable solution a mile away.

Take business finance as an example. Some cases are straightforward, and the business owner may apply for finance directly with a lender without a problem.

But what if there are exceptional circumstances? Poor credit, tricky income streams, no guarantees?

I had an email from one of my specialists about a recent case which reinforces this very point:

“This one will not be one of your straightforward loans. It will require experience and ingenuity to find a way.”

But guess what? This client is now on their way to receiving the finance they need. Showing that it pays to use a specialist.

Specialists know what they’re doing, and they know who to ask for help. 

  • Securing funding in even the most difficult circumstances
  • Without impacting your financial footprint
  • Or costing you more in interest rates

Have you been turned down for finance in the past, or perhaps you need finance but aren’t sure if you’ll be accepted, or maybe you just want the best interest rates on the market without the hassle?

Speak to me today to see if we can deliver the magic.

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