In his latest post, Mark Smillie is looking at why getting turned down isn’t always a problem!


“Have you been turned down by Funding Circle or your Bank?

Well, please don’t think you can’t get Business Finance! There are so many reasons why this could happen to you.

I can think of about 20 reasons without even trying too hard, how many can you think of?

At the moment, successfully arranging Business Finance is very different than it was just a few months ago. This applies to all Credit ratings!

The trouble is no one is going to say anything. The Finance Companies aren’t going to say, “don’t apply!” They want your details to sell to you in the future when it suits them.


Finance Brokers.

The good ones are great, and you really need one more than ever, especially if you are thinking of finance anytime this year. (But remember, only use 1 broker, you would not employ two guides to take you somewhere!)

Some of the not so good brokers are making multiple applications on their client’s behalf to cover the market for themselves. The problem is, it can create higher interest rates and unnecessary turn downs! A Finance Company might assume you are a time waster, or there is something bad about the application that they do not know about.

Please do not assume you cannot get finance if you have been turned down.

To guard against this, we have been doing a Full and Detailed Client Appraisal before going to any finance company.

In cases where we know there is an issue, we get the Credit Reference Companies to reassess the Credit Rating of our client. We have had some amazing results in gaining finance where it would have been turned down, and getting clients much cheaper interest rates by moving them into a different credit bracket.

The team I work with our all experts in different types of finance and we passionately care about doing the best possible job.

Why would you put yourself through the stress, lost sleep and the resulting problems of choosing the wrong finance company?


All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me!


I was informed by Google at 16 58 on Monday of last week that I had a new review
“We went to Mark for business finance after being let down by other brokers who promised the world and never delivered.
Mark was the first genuine specialist we met, and the only broker who actually did what he said he would. He gets the finer details right ………
Mark will listen and advise on the best solution – it may even be one you didn’t know existed. Mightily impressed that he even arranged an independent follow-up call for feedback on his service.
No hesitation in recommending Mark.

If you would like to read 40 more named business testimonials, please click here!

Or why not get in touch? You are always welcome to call me on my personal mobile whether you are looking for finance now or later in the year.

Best wishes,

Mark Smillie

I work with clients with every type of Credit Rating, we do Emergency Finance and specialise in the Construction Sector.

The numbers you need: 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166


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