Have you considered the possibility of freeing up your business’s money with invoice financing? In Mark Smillie’s latest post, he examines this possibility, and some of the things that are worth thinking about! 


“Dear business community,

Last week, I was speaking with a Company Director. They mentioned in passing that the following day, they would be moving their Invoice Finance commitment from one company to a new one.

The problem with their existing lender was a new account manager, with whom they were having a terrible time. But in any case, the finance company never understood their business from day one.


My first thought… out of the frying pan into the fire. But why?

I get more feedback about invoice finance than any other form of business lending, because when it goes wrong it tends to go horribly wrong.

19 times out of 20 this happens because the wrong finance company was chosen, because the company director who arranged the finance only looked at four things…

  1. How much it costs
  2. The percentage advanced
  3. The finance company
  4. What the salesman said

I think I could have predicted the result at the beginning with a 90% success rate. How? Consider the following…


Catching a business loan…

What do you need to fish in a new river successfully, equipment and some understanding? You might catch something but…

If you spent every day focused on your goal for 25 years, over time your knowledge of where to look and what equipment to use would evolve, increasing your chances of the right catch every time.

If an inexperienced fisherman stands next to the experienced one, the latter will know immediately how much success the novice will have alone by assessing where they’ve chosen to stand, position and present them self, as well as what equipment they’ll use.

That’s how I know when someone is going to be successful in the loan application they submit them self.

In fact, I have devoted a whole chapter of my new book to successfully arranging Invoice Finance.


Want to know where to go to get money out of your invoices?

I normally know within 5 minutes of speaking to a client which finance company is likely to suit them best (and also the worst choices for them).

There are over 70 finance companies who will lend you money on your invoices, and they all have their own “Sweet Spot” for the right client.

Go to the wrong one and it really is a problem, as once you are tied to them, that headache will follow you and affect the every day running of your business.Remember, your business depends on them supplying your expectations on finance and repayments.

Why would you put yourself through the stress, lost sleep and the resulting problems of choosing the wrong finance company? When all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me?


These are just some of the things that experience has taught me to look at to get success for my clients…

Your Sector: Particularly true if you are in the construction sector, as less than a handful out of the 70 companies offering invoice finance at the moment are likely to be suitable for you!

Current turnover (and expected turnover in the next 3 years): Whenever your turnover substantially increases, the level of service could too! Did you know you need to consider that at this stage?

Level and quality of service your business will need: Some finance companies have a high staff turnover and others a waiting list to join so if you need good service, we’ll have to discount them.

The spread of your debtor book: This will include potential issues that are likely to occur with the finance company. Get that wrong and you will have severe “Drawdown Issues” (ask me about them)

Knowing what problems are likely to occur with your clients and the capability of the finance company to deal with them – This is a tough one and you can only truly know it with industry sector and finance company knowledge

And finally, the need for you, the company director, to meet a can do Senior Manager or Company Director at the Finance Company – which I can arrange from day one.


The bottom line, how to get a business loan right now…

Pick up the phone to me today, tell me what’s on your mind and let’s bounce some ideas around CALL NOW

Construction Sector Finance

You will pay to much if you go to a finance company, that is not looking to lend to your sector at the moment. CLICK HERE

Building Development Loans – SECURED AND BRIDGING

This is a specialist area and I believe I have one of the very best specialist brokers of this type of finance in the UK on my team, who will save you a great deal of stress, time and money CLICK HERE

Invoice Finance

With over 70 finance companies who will lend money on your book debts, it is vital you choose the right one. They all have different sweet spots (we can finance contractual work and Uncertified Applications for Payment) CLICK HERE

Do you currently have an Invoice Finance Facility?

Then you really should watch this video


Kind regards,

Mark Smillie


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