You may have heard the term Delphi score but aren’t clear on exactly what this is.

A Delphi score is ultimately an analytical tool. It is designed to determine how credit worthy a company is, including their strength and performance.

Having a good score is very important when it comes to being accepted for finance. The better your company’s credit score, the more you’re likely to be able to borrow.

When a finance company runs a credit check, they want to see that you are at a low risk of failing.

What is a good Delphi score?

The score ranges from 0 to 100 with the lowest scoring companies carrying the highest risk.

If a company has a score of zero this means that the company has failed or has dissolved. A zero score means they can’t apply for credit without reference to an external authority e.g. a Receiver has been appointed.

A score between 51-80 indicates a below average risk, 81-90 a low risk, and 91-100 a very low risk. These ranges are where you want your business to be to increase your chances of loan acceptance.

How will a company get the finance it needs?

No matter what your circumstances, Ringrose should be able to find you a lender and get the finance you need to stabilise or grow your business.

We have established relationships with many lenders, meaning that we talk direct to the decision-makers. We know what they are looking for, so when you tell us about your circumstances, we’ll know which one to introduce you to.

We will only approach finance companies whose requirements match with your circumstances and we’ll tailor your application to ensure they know that you are a loan worthy applicant.

It is so important to get your application right first time round. A ‘no’ from one underwriter leaves you with a negative financial footprint that can follow you to whichever finance company you next approach. This is why using a brilliant broker will benefit you – less stress, less time spent worrying, and getting the right finance for you.

We have an acceptance rate of 84% (compared to your average broker at 70%).
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