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Unlock potential in your properties or other assets safely with a well thought our secured loan from Ringrose Business Finance.

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Every funder’s underwriter has different priorities. Some are credit score driven, some are not. Some only look at the security and they may factor in the past, present and future.

Some underwriters may look for very detailed future cash flows, compare them to the past, look at the purpose of the loan to determine if you are a good fit for their lending policy.

The bottom line is, we can give you advice about who will accept an application for your circumstances.

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Because our specialist brokers know what specific underwriters want, we can tailor your application for success with the lender most suited to you.

What's more, we appreciate the complexities involved in arranging secured loan specifically. And we’ll tell it to you straight if it's not going to be easy, but we will get you through it too.

Our secured loan specialists have helped many customers who have been left miffed when their banks have said no.

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Secure your future

Arranging a secured loan really does take a special set of skills. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t telling you the whole truth.

That's because borrowing money secured on something that you own shouldn't be taken lightly or rushed through.

Ringrose has over 30 years’ experience in arranging business finance. We know that when it comes to secured loans, that we have to call on our most specialist brokers to ensure our clients secure their finance and their future.

Funding for any business purpose with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd charge loans on a UK residential or commercial property

Our specialist secure loan brokers have relationships with a huge selection of lenders. What's more they understand their rates and crucially exactly how to package your proposal in the way their underwriters want to see it.

We can even arrange for a period of no monthly repayments, if this fits with the purpose of the loan.

If you’re a new start-up, have adverse credit or no proof of income, we can still help you get a secured loan.

Don’t lose out on getting a secured loan. Get specialist help at Ringrose. Call now on 0800 612 5364.
  • 10 day turnaround
  • Private or commercial property loans
  • Long or short term funding
  • Deal terms from 3 months to 10 years
  • Deal sizes from £25,000 up to £10 million

How to get accepted for a secured loan

Secured Loans are all over the internet, preying on the uninitiated, offering super attractive rates, and everything else the prospective client wants to hear.

And to complicate things further, the choice of funders is virtually endless, with each one having their own 'sweet spot' for lending criteria.

These are some of the things they will be looking for...

Your credit rating, amount of loan, purpose of loan, term of loan, current spread of its own lending

Now, we know that to get accepted for a loan, you cannot be turned down too many times before any successful application. Really the key is to get accepted first time!

But often only an experienced broker will really know which finance company is best suited for your requirements and be able to take you there without going , this comes through years of knowledge and business development.

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Lets assume you find the right finance company yourself, one that ideally suits your requirements and theirs, there is one final thing you have to do... to get the best rate, you'll have to fill out the application form so that it ticks the underwriter's box for the lending criteria for that finance company, get it wrong and you could be paying 50% more than you need to - or worse, you could still be turned down.

Finance companies know we don’t waste their time, they want us to keep coming back to them, which is why if you come into the VIP area with us, you will be treated to the best service and rates that they can give, because that is how you treat your best brokers.

Other types of business finance...

We often surprise our clients by offering them an Unsecured Loan at a lower rate of interest than a secured loan. Before applying for a secured loan, see if you're eligible for unsecured finance first!

Have you considered that you might not have to take out a loan? You might simply have to release cash from your unpaid invoices before your clients get round to paying you.

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"We're very pleased with the financial solution Mark delivered for us and we still keep the direct relationship with our clients as a result. As a young and growing business, we hadn't held out much hope of being able to find the support we needed, but having done some research, Mark was confident he could help. He's definitely the go-to person for invoice finance."

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