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Did you know that 80% of UK businesses eligible for tax credits are NOT making a claim?


Millions in R&D Funding Overlooked by Eligible Businesses in the UK


Innovation Across Sectors

In 2019, R&D Tax Credits are set to be one of the most valuable sources of business funding; this is an amazing opportunity for companies to secure extra funding and grow, but it is crucial to involve an R&D specialist at an early stage to ensure that the relief is maximised. Businesses in most sectors can claim, including Hospitality, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Technology, Design and Engineering, Automotive, the Construction sector, Printing & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals etc.

From developing internal software to overcoming production challenges, R&D is taking place in all types of projects for companies seeking to discover new scientific or technological knowledge through experimentation and work to transform, enhance, refine or just add value to a product, material, device, technology, process, or service.

R&D costs can include, subcontractors or third-party fees, in fact this is the key to the application, having someone who really knows how to get the maximum allowed cash rebate, this only comes from experience.

You can still reclaim up to 33% of your costs even if the project failed

Whilst Research & Development is taking place in many industries, it is estimated only 20% of potentially eligible companies claim the money they are entitled to under the scheme.

The incentive was designed to encourage innovation across the sector in the UK by enabling companies to increase their investment in R&D. In the run up to Brexit, in last year’s autumn budget, the government announced a £2bn increase in spending on the R&D Tax Credits initiative by 2020/21.


Specialist Expertise

Yet, one of the main reasons companies are still underclaiming R&D Tax Credits relief is that there are many misconceptions about what exactly constitutes R&D in different sectors.

It is a specialist area, and when companies try to process R&D claims with general accountants (or apply direct themselves), potentially eligible areas of R&D Tax Credits work are missed because accountants have little sector specific R&D knowledge and experience.

Quickly and accurately assessing whether your business may qualify for the relief is critical to your claim’s chances of success – and that’s where working with R&D specialists can help.


A New Hassle-Free Approach

“The challenge for business owners and senior management has always been fully understanding which projects are eligible and the perception that there is limited reward due to the amount of time required preparing the claim. Most accountants have little understanding of how R&D Tax Credits can be claimed for work undertaken by firms and too many R&D Tax Credits companies still leave a huge amount of the work to the client.”

“To maximise your claim and minimise your time spent on this, let us take you to the right expert for your particular claim”

Mark Smillie

It’s key to have end-to-end management of the entire process, including the crafting of a robust account of the work undertaken (technical narrative), which forms an important part of the process. But equally important, is that this work is done with people that fully understand the area of development.

These are the results from one of our specialists   

  • 300+ Claims Processed in Recent Months  
  • All Claims To-Date Approved First Time and In Full by HMRC 
  • No Win – No Fee
  • R&D tax credits let you reclaim up to 33% of your R&D costs regardless whether it was successful, an expert will find valid claims, where others will find nothing.
  • Our experts can go back 2-3 years depending on circumstances.

It is the same as with Business Finance, apply direct and how will you know who is best suited to your business sector and your company turnover, you go in as a one-off client whereas we have access to the best people and are offered the best service, just as your business gives the best service it can to its best clients.

Get in touch with us today and we will connect you with an expert. This will simplify the process, saving you time and making sure you get your maximum entitlement, with the minimum amount of hassle.

For further details please call Mark Smillie on 0800 612 5364.

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“Having used brokers before, I didn’t expect Mark at Ringrose Business Finance to achieve a better interest rate than I could get from a bank directly. But he definitely delivered with a brilliant rate of 5.4% – I thought it would be 10%. And the loan was all sorted out within a week. Fantastic service – I’m glad I decided to give Mark a chance.”  

Simon Jewell

Director, The Pilot Inn

UK Acoustic Systems Ltd are recognised as one of the leading providers of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for the commercial, leisure, educational and residential sectorsI have used Mark Smillie for business finance for the last 3 years, he surrounds himself with a contact list of “Can Do People”, apart from business finance I have found Mark a very good sounding board for various business matters. He is also a pleasure to deal with, I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.

Mark Wilkins

Uk Acoustics Systems Ltd

We are a market leader in CCTV and supply Worldwide, when we take on new work we always wish to have suitable finance in place. We have been receiving Mark’s emails for some time, I rang him on a Tuesday. He said he would make this as painless as possible, we had an approval on Wednesday morning and funds in our account on the friday. My time is valuable to me and I like dealing with people who excel in giving their clients excellent service as we do.

Steve Baker

Genie CCTV Ltd.

“In my constant strive to make my restaurant the best it possible can be, I occasionally need business finance. Should your business need finance I can recommend Mark Smillie he knows how to get the job done.”

Fernando Stovell

Stovell’s the Waitrose Good Food Restaurant of the year for the South East, and with four AA rosettes.

My experience of Mark is getting to grips with a distressed situation, quickly and effectively ; and making common sense recommendations on how to take forward ( or sideways ; as the case may be )

Mike Stubbs

Partner at Mishcon de Reya

We are well established profitable boutique post production company in Soho, we applied to the Bank for a facility prior to speaking to Mark Smillie, with his assistance, we now have finance in place and still have not heard back from the Bank.
If you are looking for business finance without the hassle then give Mark a call.

David Tasker

Platform Post Production Ltd

We first spoke to Mark Smillie over a year ago with regard to Finance which he arranged quickly and easily for us. What impressed us again when we spoke to him about two weeks ago, was that like our Company philosophy he truly cares about delivering the best services possible, we wish him well and it is great dealing with people who genuinely care.

Andrew Kirkey

OSV Limited-Professionals in Vehicle Supply

We started three years ago and provide “Quality Plastering and Rending Services”, our focus has been on quality and doing the best possible job. Our reputation for quality and finishing on time is now bringing in much larger contracts.
I approached a leading builder and devloper and he told me there was one person to go to for business finance.
I spoke with Mark Smillie on Tuesday morning, he told me about a new type of business finance. I applied on Wednesday evening, mark contacted the CEO of the finance company and we were given an excellent line of credit at a great interest rate on the Friday morning of the same week. I struggle to believe it was that quick and easy,
I can confirm Mark is the “Go to guy for business finance”

Aaron Fox

C&A Finishes Ltd