Mark Smillie is back again with another post! This time, he’s asking you how much do you value your time? Applying for and getting finance can be an involved process, so why not turn to a specialist?


“Would you like to know where to go to raise money using your Invoices (or any other assets) as security?


How about using a guide who took his first client to a finance company in 1995, and used their invoices to secure the finance that they needed?

Well since then, I have made a stack of friends in the Finance Sector and they genuinely welcome my clients.

I deal with senior people with a “Can Do Attitude”.

They welcome me because I do not waste people’s time.


Is your time valuable to you?


2 weeks ago, one of my clients asked me to get him a £250k business loan, to help fund new business and complete work.


Well, I introduced him to a senior person at a Finance Company that I know well.

They asked my client what type of finance facility would ideally suit his business.


The Managing Director of the Finance Company then met with him, they both decided they liked each other and a £1.6m Finance Facility was agreed on a simple basis, they pay for it when they use it.

And he can use the money for whatever he wishes to.

The process could not have been easier for my client, and much better than an expensive short-term loan with no flexibility.


It helps when you have industry knowledge and the right connections.

I deal with people and not computers.

Why would you put yourself through the stress, lost sleep and the resulting problems of choosing the wrong finance company? When all you must do is pick up the phone and call me?


Google informed me at 16 58 on Monday that I had a new review:

“We went to Mark for business finance after being let down by other brokers who promised the world and never delivered. Mark was the first genuine specialist we met, and the only broker who actually did what he said he would. He gets the finer details right. Mark will listen and advise on the best solution – it may even be one you didn’t know existed. Mightily impressed that he even arranged an independent follow-up call for feedback on his service. No hesitation in recommending Mark.”


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Or why not pick up the phone and say “hi”? You are always welcome to get in touch, whether you are looking for finance now or later in the year.


Best wishes,

Mark Smillie


I work with clients with every type of Credit Rating, we do Emergency Finance and specialise in the Construction Sector.

The numbers you need: 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166″


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