Well that’s it, 2020 has finished! Enough said I think.

Welcome 2021!

My gut feeling says in the second quarter of the year, there will be the start of a “Positive Feeling” in the UK and the last 6 months of the year will be a belter!!

I’ve high hopes that 2022 being one of the best on record.


My wish for you and yours is to have a healthy happy and very successful 2021.


A very short rant, if you will forgive me?

My wish for the BBC, other news channels and the press.

Is can we start putting a positive spin on the News.

When was the last time we heard a Government Minister praised for some thing they did? Surely one of them did something good.

No one can achieve anything in life with a negative attitude, let us all try and spread a positive message with a smile and that is highly contagious.


I do wish you well,

Mark Smillie.



Everyone traditionally applies for finance near the end of January onwards, this year I expect it to be busier than ever.

The law of supply and demand applies to finance too.

If you apply early in January, I can walk into the VIP area with your application discuss it with a senior person and it will be taken into Underwriting, who will not be inundated with applications like they will be in 4 weeks time.

And they will have the time and consideration to offer their favourite broker the best interest rate and terms.

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