Each week, our managing director and broker extraordinaire Mark Smillie prepares a brief post packed full of wisdom gained from his years in the finance industry. Join us in reading on, and discover some of the tips and tricks good brokers have developed when finding the best finance for their clients!

Good Morning,

The copy this week is a bit alternative/spiky as I am still trying to calm down from an incident that happened last week. A client went direct for a loan and was offered a very average deal, which could have a damaging effect on his business (he has to get written permission from the finance company if he wants to borrow more money, he was unaware this was a loan condition). We tried to explain why they should look at a different option.

It reminded me of a Company Director I spoke to telling me he was going to carry on supplying Carillion, a huge construction company. It went bust, destroying countless companies; his included. You just cannot tell some people.

The only reason this rankles me is I genuinely care, and I wish to do the best job I can.

So with that said;

If the following applies to you

  • You believe everyone gets treated the same in life,
  • And you enjoying queuing with the rest,
  • You believe the price you are offered is the best price, because the finance company have told you this,
  • And you believe no one could do a better job than you.

Then please stop reading this, because I can do nothing to help you.

But if you would prefer to be treated like a VIP and get the best service and deal on your business finance then please read on!

Finance companies are gearing up for their busiest time of the year at the moment.

Whilst doing my daily research, I came across a marketing piece from one of the bigger finance firms. What really caught my eye was their impressive claim:

“Rates from 1.9% loans up to £500k funds in 5 days!”

Sounds like an incredibly good deal, right? Well, in my experience, it’s a bit like the lotto. You’ve got to be in it to win it, but how many actually do win it?

The finance company knows that advertising 1.9% rates will attract a huge amount of business. Applications will come in thick and fast, inundating them! They can pick and choose what they want. They’re so busy they can be less competitive on the rates they offer. Dare I say businesses will be coming to them like cannon fodder, all with their hopes high, but most will leave with nothing but frustration.

You might ask “But Mark, what about the VIP treatment you were talking about?”

Well, a good broker does not queue at the main gate, they go straight in to see senior management. Finance companies will know that good brokers won’t waste their time. One of the biggest advantages is that a broker can explain any issues that can come up in underwriting in person. Without a broker, you would have to try explaining these issues on a form filler, which often feels like you may as well be speaking to the wall!

This can and does make the difference whether you pay 9% direct or 4.5% through a broker.

So why do brokers get VIP service and the very best rates for our clients?

Because when you go direct, the finance company will only finance about 30% of direct applications on a good day, let alone peak times. That means over 70 businesses out of a 100 who go direct will leave without finance, and having totally wasted their time. Our success rate is 80% of businesses will be offered finance. Finance companies look after their best introducers just like you look after your best clients.


If you would like to travel First Class on your Finance Journey then please pick up the phone and and tell me what you are looking for.  I am a lucky man, I happen to love what I do, and that is to find you business finance quickly and easily!

You are welcome to call me direct on my mobile if you wish 07710 466166.

Best wishes,

Mark Smillie


Mark’s Top Tip- When seeking business finance, please only use one broker. Some directors feel that by using more than one broker they will get the best rate. 

Unfortunately this is rarely the case. An average broker might flood the market with applications in the hope of securing finance. This makes a potential underwriter very nervous when they see multiple financial footprints. This then also blocks us from applying on the clients behalf. Proper well considered applications designed to get the best deal are passed over and ignored. 

Judge a broker by the quantity and quality of the named testimonials on their website

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