Do you have equity in a commercial or residential property?

If so, we can help quickly and easily raise the finance you might need this year.

All without charging you a penny.

Why turn to us to raise funds when you can apply directly?

I handled my first case in 1990; I know where to go to raise money, I normally speak to a decision-maker direct, and boy, does that make a difference.

We recently reviewed 70 Finance Companies offering money secured on a property, most of them have different lending criteria, but to look at their marketing blurb, you would think they all were similar.

Cheap headline rates can turn out to be very expensive when the interest is put on at the start or there are penalties for early repayment.

Go to the wrong company or low-level form filler, and you will be asked for more information, driving you to distraction only to receive a possible turndown at the end.

Why on earth would you wish to go through the hassle?

When I said any credit rating, I meant it.

In certain types of industries, it is not uncommon for a Company Director to have had past company failures and CCJs. In a case earlier this month, a client had several of both, and he was not even asked for proof of income.

He rang me, clearly delighted, to say, “Mark, thank you, I just could not believe you could get this through; all approved within a week and at a great rate” – not a surprise to me, I knew where to go.

Why would someone lend to a Company Director, with a poor credit rating and no proof of earnings?

The answer is very simple, many household names, successful individuals and companies have had past bankruptcies, liquidations and severe financial issues.

How many generals won every battle on the way to winning a war?

But the Finance Company’s lending decision was, in my opinion, very sensible…

“Sure, he has had some issues, but look at the equity he has in his property, the guy is a winner”

You just need to know who to approach, the high street banks do not normally share that view, but after recent times, I wonder if they would lend to themselves.

Realistically how long does this take?

In most circumstances, a valuation will be needed from receipt of this; it really should be within ten days.

I can even help you by arranging short-term finance while you’re waiting for this funding. In

most circumstances, we can get this done in a few days.

What do I do next?

Just pick up the phone and let me know what you are ideally looking to do; I am a very lucky man; I happen to love what I do, so do not worry about wasting my time I love a challenge, and you are very welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166.

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