Being in the Construction sector is never easy but in 4 weeks you will be facing a new challenge:


The VAT Reverse Charge – which changes the way construction sector companies file VAT.


At Ringrose, we have been asked so many questions about this, so our Managing Director went to Bibby Finance and spoke to a friend of his, David Webb; who is also one of their most senior guys, on everyone’s behalf.


Bibby does all types of finance in the construction sector, so naturally they know more about this than most because it affects all of their customers. The response was instant:


“Hey Mark , why don’t you invite everyone you know in the Construction Sector to a short Live Seminar this Thursday at 10 am.


We can go through some of the key points regarding the VAT Reverse Charge, what people need to be aware of in 4 weeks’ time, and how to manage the impact.”


‘Great!’, thought Mark, ‘I won’t need to pass on second-hand information, because through my relationship with them, people can hear it from the experts themselves.’


If you are in the construction sector then we would strongly urge you to try and attend and if you really cannot, why not ask someone from your team to attend online? The maximum time required is 30 minutes, you’ll take away the information you need, and maybe even a relationship that could help you with finance in the long term.


We’ve set up a link to make it easy to join us and get the information you need: CLICK HERE


Confirmation of details: VAT Reverse Charge discussion, 30 mins, this Thursday 4th Feb at 10am – completely free of charge.


As always, you are always welcome to call Mark on his mobile but not at 10 am on Thursday, because you can actually join the best brains from Bibby Construction Finance, AND Mark, live! Additionally, if this is not of interest to you but might be useful to someone you know, please send them the link below for details.


We hope you can make it.

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