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Money Saving Tips: How to Save Your Business Money in the New Year

I know the last thing you are thinking of doing now, is applying for Business Finance, you would be quite rightly thinking, let’s leave this until the end of January.

Besides, you have so much work on your plate, plus business and staff commitments, let alone family pressures.

Business finance can wait? Well yes, of course it can wait.


Everyone else, does the same thing, that is why the busiest time of the year for business finance is end of January, February and March.

This is when the Law of Supply and Demand kicks in.

The more demand for finance, the less competitive finance companies have to be about their rate and they can also be more selective.

It’s the same with your business, in quiet times you will offer a better deal, because you need to, and you are less busy.

But this year is different.

We know of 2 finance companies who are cash short and are trying to arrange more money so they can lend it to prospective clients, they have run dry.

1 High Street Bank has effectively said to the whole of the Construction Related Sector that they are not interested in any Unsecured Loans for Companies that have a turnover under £25m. I know you might think well I am not in that sector, what has it got to do with me? But my guess is good deals are too be had early.

Co-incidentally a well-run business in that sector and with the same bank, rang me just before Christmas to ask for finance because their secured overdraft facility had just been cut from £200k to 100k without warning.

My point is, things are very different to this time last year.

If you know you are going to be looking for finance, it might be a wise idea to give me a call on 07710 466166 and I can give you an idea on what is happening in your business sector and what will be available to you.

There are plenty of finance options open to all Limited Companies, if you know where to look and how to present the application form in the way the underwriters wish to see it.

There are also several finance options without Personal Guarantees.

Well, this lucky man has built a contact list to die for in the past 25 years, so if you fancy making your life easy, please give me a call.

Look forward to speaking with you for some money saving tips! Have a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes,


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