This week, Mark Smillie has prepared something a little different! With some recent successes, he’s decided it’s time to tell you a story about a member of his team. She specialises in invoice finance, but due to her skills across all industries, he calls her ‘The Magic Finance Lady’. Read on, and find out more!


I would just like to set the scene for this true story.

My job is to make your life easier in 3 ways.

  1. Help you find the right Finance Company out of over a 100 to choose from! You need the one that bests suit your business. I can find the finance company that is offering the right deal at the moment for your business.
  2. To help you apply and prepare in the correct way that will get your business the best possible interest rate.
  3. Use our 24/7 inside knowledge and connections to best serve you.

Let’s say you applied direct to the right finance company and you did  everything perfectly…


Would you get the same service as me?

This is the story of the ‘Magic Finance Lady’, one of my contacts. Although she is in Invoice Finance, it could be in ANY type of business finance! Construction and Property Development, to Manufacturing, or even import and export.

But this is about Sharon Simpson from Advantedge Commercial Finance.

Could you be this client?

There was a client who had a long established family run business. They were struggling with cash flow, due to slow paying clients and some other issues.

I went to a finance company I knew well. I thought they could give the personal service needed, and would not be tied down by immovable fixed rules. We were looking for the flexibility to really assist the business.

I approached one of their “Best” a lady called Sharon Simpson who is known and respected throughout the finance industry.

She is hard working, driven personally to offer the best possible service and genuinely cares about her clients, plus she has a real “Can Do” attitude.

When I rang Sharon and explained the details about the client she said

Sure Mark! Leave this with me, and I will totally look after the Clients for you.

Well she did this in Spades, hence me dedicating this Newsletter to her

I asked her to give me some bullet points on what she did for the client. This is what she modestly replied to me with.

  • Kept in contact with the Directors whilst they were working through a re structure process.
  • Working with the Directors in the early hours of the morning as they started at 6am
  • Arranged 2 client visits at 7am to ensure it did not disturb their busy day (I think about a 60 mile drive each way).
  • Put the facility in place within 5 days when they were ready to go.

Plus Sharon wrote one of the nicest welcoming letters to the client when they came on board last week. She made it clear to them that she would be there for them and they could call her at anytime.

My team of specialists

Well I am blessed, I am lucky enough to have built up an exceptional contact base of “Can Do Winners” in my business life.

If you would like to speak to Sharon or have any type of Business Finance requirements either now or in the future please give me a call, I am free today on 07710 466166.

But if you wish to deal with multiple brokers and make your own finance applications, then I am not the person for you at this time.

One good guide will get you a better deal, than mass applying to finance companies and leaving chaos and financial footprints behind, which prevents me from applying to the right company and dealing with a “Can Do” Senior Person, like Sharon Simpson at the finance company on YOUR behalf.

Our contacts at the finance companies will give YOU the best rate, because they know we are not time wasters and have a great reputation with them, they want us coming back with their ideal clients, which is why they will give you a great interest rate.

Please check my testimonials and then give me a call.


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If your time is valuable, and you wish to save time and money, please get in touch!

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie

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