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We deal with a company who specialises in improving a companies credit rating. In our experience, they are making some very significant improvements on their Credit Scores. Do you know your company’s trade credit rating? Could your business benefit from access to better credit limits and increased working capital?

The business credit market is a specialised and complex place – so making it easier for our clients to navigate seems like a no-brainer. Therefore, our aim is to help our clients maximise the potential of their trade credit profile. Some benefits of this are:

  • Improve your company credit rating in as little as 3 days.
  • Benefit from access to better credit limits, funding and increased working capital.

An improved credit rating can really unlock the full potential of your business, but finding the right information and understanding your profile can be difficult – this is where they can help.


Unique approach

They have agreements with the five main credit rating agencies enabling them to provide businesses with a more comprehensive and detailed review of their credit status.


Risk free solution

They will add value to your business by offering a risk-free solution – if they can’t improve your company credit ratings, you don’t pay a penny.


Proven track record

They have a proven track record with many satisfied clients and are extremely proud of our 100% success rate in company credit repair.


Trust the experts

The team have over 25 years of trade credit rating, finance and treasury experience, so you can be sure your business is in good hands.


4 examples:


Access to leases – Shop Fitter T/O c£10m 

A client had a trade credit score of 13/100 and a recommended credit limit of £0. Within three days we had improved these to a rating of 57/100 and a recommended credit limit of £22,000. This enabled them to instantly proceed with a lease agreement for a fleet of company cars.


Funding – Builders T/O c£2m

This client had applied for funding, however they discovered that their current credit rating of 35/100 was under the required “hurdle” rating. Within 5 days, this was increased to 82/100 removing this barrier. Not only did this mean they could now access the funding, they were also offered improved terms.


Tender for work – Grounds maintenance company T/O c£40m 

The client here was having issues when tendering for large council contracts as their rating was too low. Once engaged with Lightbulb Credit, we increased their rating from 10/100 to 81/100 and recommended credit limit from £0 to £120k. This enabled them to tender and win the work.


Working capital boost – Financial Intermediation T/O c£1.5m

A client contacted us due to working capital levels hindering the growth of their relatively young business. Within 3 days we increased their rating from 15/100 to 81/100 and recommended credit limit from £0 to £90k. With an average of 10 suppliers using this agency to determine credit worthiness each month, the benefit to them was huge. This increase resulted in a one-time potential balance sheet improvement of £900k taking considerable pressure off the businesses cash flow.


Get in touch with us today, and let’s see if we can help your business improve it’s credit rating!

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