One of the questions I am often asked is what types of business finance are available?

It’s a tough question to answer, as there are over a 100 finance companies and most of these offer several types of finance.

It’s similiar to the other question, why is finance cheaper though you than going direct?

The truth is when you work with a brilliant team, love what what you do and do this 52 weeks a year you know what is available and who is offering the best deals.

If you want to get the best out of me, tell me what type of finance would ideally suit your business.

Something like this perhaps?

A flexible line of credit that businesses use to manage their working capital and cash flow.

This works just like an overdraft: the finance company gives you a credit limit, you can draw down funds and make repayments as often as you like in any given month.

Many businesses use this to manage their growth: this includes purchasing stock, funding new business, having funds available to cover any issue that might arise.

Credit limits range from £25k to £2m.

Pay from 0.6% per month (equivalent 7.2% per annum)

Secured against all business assets

One-on-one support from their expert team

Eligibility – Finance is available to UK businesses which:

Are registered in the UK

Have a majority of directors and shareholders that are UK residents

Have been trading for at least 15 months

How about having instant finance whenever you need it? Selective Invoice Finance Suitable for: Short Term cashflow needs.

Ad hoc funding against single or selected invoices.

No personal guarantees or Annual Contracts.

It’s just selling some of your invoices, whenever you want to, to free up some working capital, you still collect the invoice yourself.

My big question to you is whether you will do better at picking a finance company at random and talking to a computer screen or a form filler or calling me instead?

The real secret is applying to the right company, that want to deal with your business sector, credit rating and company turnover, right now at this precise moment.

Do you know which Finance Company is offering the best rates for your type of borrowing requirements?

Why would you it’s not your job, but it is ours. Go to the wrong company and you will pay to much.

Recently a client was offered a short term loan (12 months) at 23% we arranged a loan at 9% over 2 years but with no penalty for early repayments, easy when you know how.

Our business loans tend to start at 3.2% with the bulk being between 4.5 to 10% depending on Credit rating and Industry Sector.

Please feel free to pick up the phone and tell me what you would ideally like and then we can go out and get it for you, this will be a tailor made solution to your needs, rather than a one size fits all solution. 

Where I differ from some is that with so many types of finance available, I know my limitations. I do not say I am an expert at every type of finance, but I do have someone on my team who is that expert.

You are welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166.

Let’s talk today.

Very best wishes,


PS A Quick Tip
Make things easy for yourself, do not leave your business finance to the last minute(If your bank statements show your cashflow is tightening your interest rate will go up)

Do you have an existing Invoice Finance Facility? Then you are probably paying over the odds, you really should see this short video

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