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I was having a drink with some friends last week when one said to the other, “It’s impossible to borrow money for your business when you really need it, the banks are just not interested.”

That might be true, the banks really aren’t interested right now, but plenty of finance companies are – you just have to know where to look.

In a case I am handling at the moment, a bank has called in its loan of £1.2m secured on a company’s book debts and a property. The business is sound, it did hit some issues due to a bad change in one of the director’s personal circumstances, but it will have a full order book in 2020.

To solve the problem, I put the directors in touch with a finance company that will take them out of the bank and fund the business until we put a long-term solution in place.

Business finance is almost always available – for all credit ratings. You just have to know where to look – and think about it BEFORE YOU NEED IT.

Please consider this, let’s get acquainted today.

You know how a GPS works in your car, right?

You determine where you want to go, enter that destination into the system, then sit back and relax as every twist and turn is navigated for you. It will lead you to your destination even if you aren’t sure how to get there – and it doesn’t matter what you’re driving either.

Now, imagine selecting your financial destination and being taken on the same journey…

Do you want directions to your business loan?

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