Good Morning,
Mrs S and I recently returned from a short stay at the Grand in Brighton. The reason I mention this, is we were so impressed with the staff, they all seemed to genuinely care.
The team I work with have that same passion to do our best, it helps when you love what you do.
My message this week is simple, why go direct for finance when we get Business Finance cheaper than you applying direct?

We get bulk discounts, just like you give your best clients.
We deal with decision makers and get great service, just like you offer your best clients
This is our day job, we know who is lending at the best rate and how to package the deal in the best way for that particular Finance Company.
The political uncertainty and Brexit are making Finance Companies nervous, they are building up their financial reserves which is one of the reasons why businesses applying direct are paying more.
We are getting rates of between 3.2% and under 10% for most of our clients.
We deal with these finance companies every day and are getting the best rates. It’s the same with your business your best clients will get the best service and deals.

Marks Top Tip
It is a great time for finance now-Why? Most businesses are waiting to see what happens in the election and then they will leave it until January-Hence the law of supply and demand kicks in. Finance companies are not busy and they are giving special deals, right now, to their favourite brokers clients, that means you.
You know how nice it is, when someone really gives you praise for the job you did, well this is an accurate transcript of part of a conversation.
The question below was asked with happiness and joy.
“Mark, I was expecting to pay well into double figures for my finance(due to past issues) and you have secured it at 5.4%, how did you do it, I just can’t believe it?” You can see this review with 40 others–Testimonials
My answer to the above question,
Simple, do this 52 weeks a year and add in 25 years’ experience and you will know which finance company to take your loan to and how to package/present it in the best way for the Underwriter to give the best possible rate.
If your business is looking for any type of business finance, that is what we do, including property development and all types of secured loans (and do you ever need a specialist in this type of finance, a normal broker will not cut it either, I probably have the best specialist in the country on my team).
Why not pick up the phone and tell me what finance would ideally suit your business, let us be your Satnav helping you get there quickly and easily we work with all types of business, including the construction sector, my father was a builders merchant.

Best wishes,
Mark Smillie – you are welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166

PS. Do you have an Invoice Finance facility at the moment? Then you are probably paying too much; please watch this short video and save yourself a bucket full of money!

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