Construction and property development finance is our sweet spot; here’s how we can help a business like yours this New Year.

  • Business loans, from £20k to £4m all credit ratings
  • Short, mid and long-term loans
  • Refurbishment, refits and property development finance (with this type of finance, specialist knowledge is required, or you will end up paying too much and cause yourself months of stress)
  • “Low Start” options for buying your new equipment/assets, from a crane to a digger to a van/car (tell us what would suit your cashflow)
  • We offer several finance options that do not need a personal guarantee
  • Invoice Finance for the Construction Industry has changed beyond belief; if you know where to look, we can finance uncertified applications for payment and have plenty of finance in this sector that does not require a personal guarantee.

You already know few banks and finance companies understand (or lend) to this industry. But, there is finance available if you know where to look!

Most fail to understand applications for payment, be it be certified or uncertified, let alone sympathise with inevitable payment disputes.

They will have no idea about retentions, JCT Contacts or the time it takes to get paid by the Councils or Government.

One of the biggest lenders told our team that 70% of businesses that applied to them directly were turned down, but our success rate with them was over 80%.

Why, you might ask?

Our team deal with them every day, and the people we deal with have a “Can Do” attitude, and we know how to present the application to their credit department.

And did you know, when finance companies have a good relationship with a broker and trust them not to waste their time, they offer their clients a better interest rate, which saves you money.

This is why you need a broker specialising in construction-related business finance.

Time wasters are welcome! I love the construction industry, and I get a great buzz when I arrange finance quickly and easily. I especially love being able to say ‘approved’ when my client did not believe it possible in the first place.

I can arrange finance for non-homeowners and help you get loans without a personal guarantee – I deal with businesses of all sizes and all credit ratings. You are always welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166.

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