Firstly, the slightly Strange way I would like to begin with.

I genuinely wanted to say thank you,for all the new clients that have rung me in the last few weeks, who have been receiving my emails for some time and have decided to trust me with their business finance.

I think more businesses are realizing that at the present time of such political uncertainty, getting finance through an established broker, will save them money and hassle.

These are the highlight examples. But we are getting better rates.

Client’s that are applying direct getting quoted 15% we are getting through at 10 %, applying direct at 10% we are getting about 5-6%. Going direct at 5-6% we are obtaining 3.2-4.9%.

without a personal guarantee

Now the Beware News

I am starting to hear that the bad brokers are starting to reappear.

A company director rang me last week, at his wits end, he had been charged an upfront fee by a broker and then taken into two mainstream lenders for building finance, he was constantly being asked for more information and not getting anywhere. Be very very careful about paying a Broker an upfront fee, in nearly all cases the broker gets paid by the finance company, because the broker saves them time and money bringing them in suitable clients.
In most cases 70% applying direct are turned down whereas with a broker 70% are accepted our success rate is 84%.

My advice don’t pay upfront fees. I don’t charge upfront fees, I don’t need to, I am happy to be paid by the finance company.

Finance due to past issues

Please forgive me for being blunt.

But my question to you is do you think you have more chance of getting a business loan by going direct? I know you can do your job better than me.

If your business is looking for any type of business finance, that is what we do, including property development. Why not pick up the phone and tell me what finance would ideally suit your business, let us be your Satnav helping you get there quickly and easily we work with all types of business including the construction sector.


Did you know that 80% of UK businesses eligible for R&D tax credits are NOT making a claim?Well the same applies here as it does to business finance,don’t blame your accountant, use a specialist that totally understands this.Please call me.

Business Finance-Beware

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