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I asked one of my team, who is “the best at doing secured loans, construction and property development” for a recent Horror Story, but this is relevant to all businesses.

This is her story, which I have slightly edited,it is similiar to ones, I hear every week from frustrated company directors.

Case Study 1 (The Unscrupulous Funder!)

We were approached by a client to take them out of a finance agreement that they entered into themselves, by answering an online add, which promised the impossible.

The client rang her for more finance.

Upon due diligence we uncovered that the funder had taken charges over his residence, his buy to let property and also his workshop without there knowledge via an equitable charge.

Wow, was he ever upset, can you imagine this happening to you?

The client wanted to move away from the funder as quickly as possible,

no surprise there.

We manged to agree a facility at 1/2 the price he was paying and release further funds to allow business development.

When the clients Solicitor requested a redemption statement to complete the transaction, the client was advised that he needed to pay a fee to release the charges on his asset.

When the Solicitor referred to the contract, it was very vague and it would be advised at the time of redemption and up to the discretion of the lender with No fixed amount!

The fee ended up being in excess of £15,000 to simply remove the charges.

We acted at speed and increased the loan to accommodate.

On the day of revised completion, the charge release fees were changed again to £19,500!

The client had no more equitable room for us to accommodate another uplift in debt, he had to stay where he was, his finance company saw to that, with their proposed exit charges.

This deal was sold by the finance company as unsecured when in fact it wasn’t.

I am often asked, why should I use you, when I can simply go on line and get finance myself?

I think the above account is a pretty good reason, what do you think?

I recently heard a Solicitor is representing about 200 clients in suing one of these rogue companies.

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I have been involved in business finance, most of my life, and modestly, I say I am very good, but I work with a team of experts who all specialise in different types of finance.
I do this because I know my limitations,I am not an expert in every type of finance, but I know who is.
Our team are regularly getting Interest Rates 20 to 50% cheaper than businesses applying direct.
A specialist should know which of the 100 odd finance companies are offering the best deal for your requirement, at this precise moment in time.
But then you have to present the application, in the way the Underwriter is going to give you the best rate, get this wrong and it could cost you, double what you could have paid.
Who is your money on to get this right you or the person doing this everyday?
It is the same in the Service Industry, we all think we could do a better job than the Restaurant, Hotel or Pub that has just served us, in reality not a chance we could.

If your business is looking for any type of business finance, that is what we do.

Why not pick up the phone and tell me what finance would ideally suit your business, let us be your Satnav, helping you get there quickly and stress free, we work with all types of business, all credit ratings, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Now, that would be a good film title)
Right now, finance companies are not busy, hence your favourite broker can get the best deals, they will be swamped, in 10 days or so, when everyone starts to look for finance after the Summer break.
You are very welcome to call me direct on my mobile 07710 466166.
Best wishes,
Mark Smillie

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