One of the things that I get asked regularly is, “Hey Mark, I need some more finance, but I already have three loans, 2 short-term loans and one with Funding Circle that still has 2 years left.”

Finance Companies have historically been reluctant to lend businesses finance in order to pay off someone else’s loan.

You and I always agree that this is crazy, instead of having three payments to make each month, it would be so much more affordable and convenient to just have one.

Well, I am delighted to say, we have spoken to the decision makers at 2 major Finance Companies, and we have been having great success at rolling up and paying off debt.

Our team is excited to free up more finance for you, for less than your current monthly payments, and at better interest rates.

Here are 3 recent debt consolidation deals:


Success story 1 –

A business had about £350k owing with several short-term finance companies. This was costing them about £20k a month, but we arranged for all of this all to be paid off easily, and we made another £80k available for their business’s expansion. All of this, and their monthly payments are now reduced from £20k a month to about £10k a month.

Success story 2 –

Another company had 3 short term loans that amounted to £40k, costing them about £2500 a month, we rolled this up and made a further £60,000 available and they are now saving £700 a month.

Success story 3 –

A business had an existing £100k loan with a Finance Company, they went to them for further finance and were turned down.

Our team went back to the same finance company that had turned them down and completely re packaged the loan application, securing a £200,000 loan at less than half the interest rate than they were paying. They were paying 12% and are now paying 4.9%

All 3 businesses said they had explored all options.

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The great news is that by consolidating your debt you help ‘clean up’ your Business Credit Profile. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – get that peace of mind and get your business out of debt faster.

Well, that’s it for this week! Should you have any business finance requirements, from property development or financing new equipment (or a car) to a short-term £20k loan or a £4m investment in your business, then please call me.

I can arrange finance for non-home owners, help you get loans without a personal guarantee – I deal with businesses of all sizes and all credit ratings.

I have been doing this for 25 years, and I am one lucky man who loves what he does. I save you money, time and hassle, and during this time I have built a contact list full of decision makers who have a can-do attitude.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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