Before applying for Business Finance – please read this

Using a finance broker can more than double your chances of a successful application.

Make things easy for yourself, please do not leave your business finance to the last minute.

Many Banks and Finance Companies have changed their lending policy recently.

The threat of severe political uncertainty, Brexit or a possible election, seem to be making Finance Companies nervous which could be the reason why businesses are paying more for finance when they apply direct, they are a one off client.

When finance companies and banks are nervous they tend to charge more in preparation for bad times.

But Brokers who deal with finance companies every day are still getting great deals.

A good broker should know where the best deal are, for your individual requirements.

To make life easier for yourself, it is more important than ever to do 2 things;

  1. Put the application through in a way that gives it the best possible chance of acceptance, here experience counts for everything, as each finance company has different lending criterias.It also helps considerably that we can speak to decision makers direct and can explain any issues upfront, that might normally cause a last minute turn down in Underwriting. Will you be dealing with a form filler or a decision maker if you went direct?
  2.  It will save you time and a great deal of frustration if you apply to the right Finance Company that want to deal with your business sector, credit rating and Company turnover. Do you know which Company to approach? Why would you it’s not your job.

There are well over a 100 finance companies offering different types of finance.

They cater for most types of business sector and credit ratings and I promise you, Finance Companies are not all the same; their advertising blurb may appear that all are welcome to apply, but if this was the case.

Why would we have so many Finance Companies?

Well we know where to go and we deal with many decision makers direct, explaining any possible issues up front, which might be a previous company failure, HMRC issues or being hit by a bad debt.

So my question to you is do you think you have more chance of getting a Business loan by going direct?


By using an experienced Finance Broker, who does this every day?

Will you know which of the 100 Finance Companies to approach?

We know who to approach and will be speaking to a highly experienced person.

If you are looking or thinking about any type of Business Finance, why not pick up the phone and have a chat, you are very welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166.

Don’t worry about wasting my time, this lucky man loves what he does and enjoys a challenge.

Very best wishes,


You could save money by applying for finance now, the busiest time for finance is the end of January, February and March, and the age old Law of Supply and demand applies to finance as well, think how much more you pay for flights on School Holidays.Why pay more for finance when everyone else applies for finance.


If you are thinking of raising Finance from your Invoices, please call me direct as this can be the best decision you have ever made or the worst if you approach the wrong Company.

We can tailor make your perfect scenario.

You collect in the debts and choose which companies you would like an advance on.

You might like an advance on just 1 Company that takes 90 days to pay, no problem just let me know.

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