On January 9th 2008 Steve Jobs introduced the world to a new kind of Phone the iPhone.

Well in my opinion Invoice Finance- Factoring etc has changed as much as the mobile phone.

Did you know, Business Finance is available without a Personal Guarantee on your Invoices?

Do you know that you can get a Business Finance Overdraft Facility secured on your invoices (you just pay for it when you use it)?

And yes the Construction Sector can get one too.

Whatever your Business or Personal Credit Rating is, from the Good to the plain Ugly (worst credit rating)…

We can help, it’s called industry knowledge, it’s the same knowledge you have in your business, you do it every day.

That is why you can do what you do better than me and I can do this better than you.

If you would like the inside track, why not book a call on Calendly or just pick up the phone and call me on my mobile 07710 466166 (I have had the same number since Steve introduced the iPhone!).

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Mark Smillie

Image from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hYjzF3OJyM

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