In his latest newsletter, Mark Smillie is answering one of the most commonly questions asked once again! Why should I use a Finance Broker? Read on, and check out how this could apply to your business!


“Last week, I was asked the following again.

“Why should I use a Finance Broker?”

Well, the answer is all about YOU! You’re likely a busy Company Director with limited time available, and everyone wants YOUR valuable time.

Beware of this trap. The Marketing Departments of Finance Companies, are well aware of this, they know you are busy with limited time available.

Hence they SET the BAIT:

  • All Credit Ratings Welcome
  • All Industry Sectors Welcome
  • A decision within the hour!!
  • Rates from 3%

And Wow, what an attractive bait/offer that is? I think I am going to apply myself!


It’s just like:

Lose Weight the Easy Way.

” Take this special Wonder Pill and you will lose 30lbs in 4 weeks, without having to diet!” This offer is only available online. The lose weight offers, are all over the Internet, the problem is you you could die taking some drug that the NHS, Doctors and High Street will not endorse or sell.


Same offer for Business Finance:

“All Credit Ratings Welcome, a decision within the hour, Rates from 3%!” The Business Finance offer will not kill you though, but it will probably waste YOUR valuable time, 70% of people applying direct waste their time.

Whereas my acceptance rate is over 80%


The truth about Finance Companies

Finance Companies are all different with their own sweet spots. If this were not the case we would have 5 and not over a 100 Finance Companies. Finance Companies also like to have a balance of different types of Business on their books at anyone time. Which explains why, the same business can apply to the same finance company and get an entirely different interest rate at different times of the year.

It is the Marketing Companies job to get as many applications as possible.

Why is this a problem, you might ask, who cares, you might say?

To get the best interest rate and chance of success. You have to choose the right finance company that suits your needs, when you apply.

Have you ever thrown a dart at a dartboard with your eyes covered?

Your finance offer is determined by

  • Industry sector
  • Turnover
  • Credit Rating
  • Purpose of Loan
  • and now 3 special Covid questions an Underwriter will look at!

Do you know what they are?


How will you know which Finance Company to choose?

Get it wrong and you will waste your time or pay more than you need to. There might be a much better option available to you, but how would you know what the latest finance offers are?

One of my favourite stories.

I was speaking with a very successful Fish and Chip owner who was speaking to me about raising finance to buy another property and shop.

He said to me:

Mark why do I need you, I can get finance myself like I always have?

My reply was:

Of course you can! But let me ask you a question, if I went to your shop and served a 100 of your customers with fish and chips would I do a better job than you?

He smiled and said:

I understand now, you go and get the finance.


I am available to discuss anything to do with business finance and I will do my very best to give you the best customer service that I can.

But if you wish to deal with multiple brokers and make your own finance applications, then I am not the person for you at this time.

One good guide will get you a better deal, than mass applying to finance companies and leaving chaos behind, which prevents me from applying to the right company and dealing with a “Can Do” Senior Person at the finance company on YOUR behalf.

Our contacts at the finance company will give YOU the best rate, because they know we are not time wasters.

Please check my testimonials and then give me a call.


If your time is valuable and you wish to save time and money please call me on my personal mobile.

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie

The numbers you need: 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166


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