For his latest post, Mark Smillie talking weight loss! Something a little different to our norm, but read on now, and enjoy Mark’s 7 Point Guide to losing weight! 


“These days, I think it is best for me to write some type of disclaimer.

I know most people who are succeeding in their chosen area, will know that they are responsible for their own actions. Are we allowed to assume people are responsible for their own actions anymore?

To be clear, I am not an expert in weight loss, nor a medical advisor or any type of health advisor.

This is purely personal; I am just telling you of my experiences.

What you choose to do is down to you, my friend and I truly wish you great success.


My 7 Point Guide.



Weigh yourself in the morning.

Then decide what weight you would realistically like to be?

Think back to when you were that weight.

You need to give this some serious thought.

If it takes you 2 months to decide what that figure is and how you are going to achieve it (that really is cool).

Let the masses rush of on their fad diet in January and give up by February or March.

But a Goal/Target must be set.

If you only have a vague idea what you are going to lose, there is little to no chance it will happen.



During this period of thought, I started thinking of the clothes that start fitting again and the joy and pride I have when putting them on.

I think about this quite a few times a day particularly before I go to sleep.

It’s best to go for something realistic, a figure that I would be happy about.

I am going to lose 52lbs.

I have no intention of not doing what I am setting out to do.

It is going to happen.



You might ask, well Mark how are you going to lose 52lbs?

I decided I was not going to follow someone else’s set Diet book; this was for losers and followers which I am not.

My thinking behind why, so many people fail/stop after 2 to 8 weeks after buying the latest diet book.

Is because they are doing something they are not fully committed to.

They have not fully thought out what they want to achieve.

They have just made an easy impulse purchase of a diet book, made pretty by a marketing expert with joyous claims.

A bit like a finance companies marketing team, advertising on the internet, a 3% interest rate and a decision in an hour and all credit ratings welcome.

But back to someone else’s diet book.

Why would you eat food that you do not like, served in a way that does not appeal to you?

Why would you run every day if you hate running?

This type of diet or exercise is doomed to failure in my mind, I know I am never going to do this.

I have discovered in life (it took me a long time to discover this, but this is another story, of Chateau’s, stunning Holiday Homes, Property Portfolio’s, meeting and working with amazing people Mother Teresa being the finest).

You must do research and study for yourself and think.

You reap what you sow.

If you do not put the effort in at the beginning, you can be assured you will end up the loser.

I started doing some research on weight loss and healthy eating.

A great starting point for me was Brian Tracy’s Fit and Trim for Life CD,

I have the Brian Tracy App on my mobile.

It is only 70 minutes long, and apart from his Lemonade Diet, which was too much for me, this audio is AWESOME it is full of good common sense by an amazing man with a proven track record of success.

If only they taught his methods at school.



Now how to achieve my goal and working out what price I am going to pay to do this.

I love my life and I am going to continue enjoying it, losing 52lbs is going to be a joy and not a chore.

I love food and I enjoy a drink, and I am old fashioned enough to occasionally still enjoy a 5-hour business lunch, but only with people that I enjoy being with.

Do not be put off by “The Nay Sayers” saying you cannot do this, or what a strange diet you are on.

I have done this before and Won, 7 years ago I lost 54 lbs from January to October, any of my friends and business associates will confirm this and they will confirm that I lived very well during this time enjoying every day.

It took me six years to put most of the weight back on, my fault I set my goal and then took my eye of the target.

I know how to deal with the issue this time round.


If I have struck any chord of interest with you, it is up to you NOW.

To do some work on what your Strategy and Tactics are to achieve your Goal, take responsibility yourself for this.

But I would recommend you might start with

By the way/weigh I have lost 26 ½ lbs since 27th January.

If I just told you now, what I am doing, without you doing the preparatory work, you would be doomed to failure.

You must do the groundwork and thinking yourself.

If I get sufficient interest, I will publish steps 5 to 7 PLUS an absolute knock out healthy detox recipe, which tastes SENSATIONAL.

The clue is, it is a homemade soup, which allows me to have my full-blown treats – Mrs Smillie’s Sunday Roast – And an old-fashioned breakfast plus a few drinks with friends most evenings, lockdown allowing.


If you fancy a chat please call me on 07710 466166.

Best wishes,


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