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“I have read some pretty disturbing news recently. I pay a monthly subscription to Chris Cardell’s Business Breakthrough and the front page was:

“The End of the False Economy”

I read a very well written article in either The Sunday Times or the Saturday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago, I think it was titled “Be careful what you wish for”. Also, on the Online edition of the Guardian, there was one titled “75% of City Firms reviewing Office Space”.

This is my personal take on the above expressed in about 12 lines.

We all know the unemployment figures are going to be high when the Government Furlough Scheme Ends. Government Loans will run out, and businesses will face the reality of life today.


You might consider these 3 points, as my gut feeling is the unemployment figures could be much worse than the current predictions.

  1. Many businesses have discovered ( since lockdown)  that they can operate much more efficiently and profitably with less staff and cutting their overheads.
  2. The Guardian reported “nearly three quarters of City firms are reviewing how much office space they really need”
  3. Nearly half of the 133 financial services firms polled said “more than 90% of their workers could feasibly do their job without being in the office”

Be careful what you wish for.

Employees  do not want to return to the office and are preferring to work from home without commuting.

But will their employers still wish to pay them more just because they live closely? Or will they be tempted to employ good quality staff from say 100 miles away or Northern Ireland where the wages are lower, or even abroad where wages are much lower?

The answer to the above challenges might be to follow the winners.

What many successful Company Directors are doing is building up there war chests. Finance is available now, and they have learnt the lesson that finance is much more difficult to get when you really need it.

With cash available these businesses will be able to diversify in anyway to suit demand.

If you wish to explore your Funding options, why not pick up the phone.

We are having great success in still getting our clients CBILS loans

Even if your Bank turned you down (please call us), or you did not ask for enough money we can help you apply for more, we are doubling and trebling several client’s CBILS facilities at the moment.

It beat the hell out of me with one business we had arranged a 250k CBILS loan for they thought the % they were offered was to high.

The Director would not take into account, that there were no Set Up Fees or Charges, which could have been 5 to 10k, and nothing to pay for 12 months and if they did not use the money, they could just give it back in 12 months. Let alone, no Personal Guarantee.

There was no down side, I would lay money that they will come back in 3 months time.

And they will be paying substantially more, and if there figures have weakened it will probably be a turndown.


Back to CBILS just for a moment

The finance companies are inundated with last minute CBILS applications, you can queue up at the front gates with everyone else or we can take you into the VIP area.

Its your choice !!


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If you are looking to build up your “Financial War Chest”  to keep you, your staff and your family safe then you are very welcome to  call me on 07710 466166 to discuss your options


Mark Smillie”

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