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“I thought you might be interested in some latest finance news and how we have been helping some of life’s winners.

These are Company directors who have been through recessions and extreme hardship and have learnt from mistakes in the past. This is what they are doing now, but first let me ask you a question.


Why restrict yourself to one or why not increase the size of your loan?


Clients are saying to me

“Mark this is a no brainer, if we do not need the money in a year we can send it back, no charge, but we are now prepared for whatever gets thrown at us, bad debt or just funding our new work”

But again, you might say “We have been turned down by the bank!”

Well you are not alone! Most businesses that applied direct were turned down.


Let me ask you another question, would you let me into your house to do your electrical re wiring?

Of course not! Well, I am sorry to say I would not let you arrange my Business Finance either.

One tiny mistake on the application form and you will be turned down or pay too much, and with the greatest respect, how would you know which finance company to choose, do you do this 365 and have 20 years’ experience?

If you have been turned down by the bank, call us and we will let you know what is available?

To successfully secure a CBILS loan or to secure further CBILS finance.

Just pick up the phone and call me on 07710 466166.


Do you know how much extra finance is available for your business?

Why not allow us to take you into the VIP area of the finance house, instead of queuing at the front door with everyone else.


Please pick up the phone and say or get in touch by Email! I’d love to talk.

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie”

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