Anyone can paint a wall can’t they…

But a good professional painter and decorator will do it in half or even a quarter of the time that you can, and with no mess or stress – and it will look perfect.

They will have learnt how to get it right quickly, first time, because they do it every day and so are trained to solve the problems that they come across – otherwise known as specific experience in a set task.

Let us look at that in business loan terms…

How to get a no mess, no stress business loan…

The following case was managed by one of the experts at Ringrose Business Finance. Now, we are all great brokers, but when we say expert here, we mean that some of our brokers specialise in specific types of finance for specific sectors, which is even more beneficial.

In this case, the company which required finance, had a building development project in progress but they had unearthed some issues which were going to have an impact on the timescales and the finance required for the project.

Conscious that should they overrun the bank may put them in default – the company needed to arrange a solution quickly.

But this happened in the initial phases of lockdown, at which time finance companies internally were extremely wary about lending for this type of finance, despite saying they were open for business.

On top of that, because of the situation, the other major issue the company had to overcome was getting the valuation of the build which would be required for the type of finance they had.

How an expert broker solved that…

The Ringrose expert broker in this type of finance called direct the CEO of a boutique lender and simply said I need a favour, can you help my client please.

Due to our long standing relationships with internal decision makers at finance companies we can do that – which is the fundamental reason to use a broker when you need finance, complex or not.

More problem solving…

Then, we undertook the valuation using video, before collating the necessary documents to complete the legal requirements – despite lockdown.

But even despite that level of care, there was more to be done because – after getting the support of the CEO within the finance company we had to get this right otherwise we would have both been embarrassed.

So, furthermore, we continued to ensure we presented the application with the minutiae of detail that would be required to satisfy the Underwriter and getting it right first time, this was something in our opinion only 1 in 100 could do.

The Result?

The finance was approved and the build is progressing safeguarding the jobs of the contractors and ensuring the project could go forward without delay.

Contact us today if you would like to get finance for your business or project, on the first application.

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