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“I would like to start today by asking you 2 questions, please.

Are you filling your Finance War Chest Now ?

Do you know which business loan you are most likely to secure?


Whist you are thinking about this, you might be interested in hearing about our  latest information on CBILS Loans.

We are having great success in still getting our clients CBILS loans

Even if your Bank turned you down (please call us), or you did not ask for enough money we can help you apply for more, we are doubling and trebling several client’s CBILS facilities at the moment.

The finance companies are inundated with last minute CBILS applications, you can queue up at the front gates with everyone else or we can take you into the VIP area.

Its your choice.


Cash is King

There is a common theme from Company Directors at the moment

“Cash is King”, no one knows with certainty what the next 12 months holds in store for them.

But what the most successful Company Directors are doing is building up there war chests now, because finance is available now and they have learnt the lesson that finance is much more difficult to get when you really need it.

As I have just mentioned many finance companies are inundated with CBILS loans, some are not really entertaining normal loans others finance companies have no issue if you have been turned down for a CBILS Loan or you did not qualify.

Normally speaking, you have a 70% chance of wasting your time by applying direct for a business loan. Conversely, you have a 70% chance of acceptance with a broker!

But in current circumstances, you should really use a finance broker because they do this full time and they know the finance market, but finance brokers can be like anyone else, the Good, The Bad and The Ugly, what a great name for a film!


Do you currently have an Invoice Finance Facility?

Then you really should watch this video

For any type of finance secured on your invoices, I would recommend you call me before committing yourself as I receive feedback from clients every week, telling me what it is really like instead of what the salesman said (this could save you making a serious mistake on your time and sanity).

We can also help you mitigate any guarantees by getting them capped.


Please pick up the phone and say hi, you are always welcome to get in touch!

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie

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