Another week, another newsletter hot from the desk of Mark Smillie! This week, we’re talking about how loans can be made simple with a broker’s help!

“Bounce Back Loans

I have read that the Government is considering engaging private debt collection firms to collect in the defaults out of the £40 Billion that they have leant to SME’s.

My gut feeling is, if they go down the private route. The debt collection firms will have access to the forms that were filled out to obtain the loans.
And will look at a couple of things to determine whether there is an element of fraud, as the purpose of these loans were for businesses that were adversely effected by Covid and were there to help them Bounce Back.

  • Was the application form filled out honestly?
  • Did the funds stay in the business to help get them through any hardship
  • Or were the funds moved from the business account and where did the money go and what was it used for.

A car dealer I know cannot get enough Range Rovers. I wonder how many of these were from Bounce Back loans?

There could be a few worried people out there.

Sometimes in life, we do not do the simple things.

We regularly see businesses paying double the rate of interest by going direct. This is fantastic for the finance company and their marketing team, who has told you how easy it is to apply direct.

But why not:
Simply, pick up the phone and tell me what you are looking for, my job is to make raising your finance as easy as possible for you.
I can’t do your job and with respect I should know better than you, how to and where to go, to raise Business Finance for you.

I have been providing business help and advice since 1990, I tend to speak only to decision makers and senior staff, I am welcomed into their VIP area.
Am I being arrogant by saying this ?
I do not mean to be, I just love what I do and have made many friends over the years.
What does this mean for you? I get great rates for you, normally 10% to 50% cheaper than going direct.

I deal with all credit ratings including emergency finance and company restructure.
Business Finance is like the sea, it constantly changes, bringing joy or disaster; it is very hard to read unless you are on it 7 days a week, and experience is everything.

Building Development Loans – SECURED AND BRIDGING
This is a specialist area and I believe I have one of the very best specialist brokers of this type in the UK on my team! They will save you a great deal of stress, time and money.

Please pick up the phone and say hi, you are always welcome to call me on my personal mobile.

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie
The numbers you need: 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166″

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