Research shows that less than half of loans were successful in Q3 of 2022

Couple this with interest rates on these loans rising sharply, with nearly a third rising by 10%+ it makes for gloomy reading for any considering finance.

With funding options getting scarcer and costlier and some businesses looking to take on their first-ever loans to both survive and thrive, if there was ever a time to apply for finance through a specialist broker – it’s now.

Whether it’s luck or experience, or both, you’re three times more likely to be accepted for finance through a broker like me vs. applying direct.

Like two-thirds of small businesses looking to make investments before 2024, if you need finance to thrive this year and want to avoid becoming one of the 50% of businesses being turned down (and negatively impacting your credit rating), here’s what to do:

My service doesn’t cost a penny; we can explore your company credit rating and discuss your borrowing options, whether it’s to improve cash flow with tools like invoice finance facilities or to invest in big projects with traditional business loans.

With 30 years behind me and a contact book to die for, even if you have difficult setups or a rocky credit history, I’ll do my utmost to help.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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