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Recently, I was asked a question…

“Recently, I was chatting with a business writer who had been speaking to several finance companies and various businesses. They asked me “Mark, why does a good broker nearly always got a much better finance deal than the businessman going direct, sometimes as much as 50% off the interest rate?”

Rather than give him a stock answer, he reminded me of Gambling and Horse Racing. I asked him where the bookies made their easy money, he said the “Punters” who made the occasional bets or the ones that did not do sufficient research before making a bet.

You might be interested in how some Finance Companies and Bookmakers advertise to attract these clients.

They both make irresistible online offers.


The Finance Company:

“Interest Rates from 3% and all Credit ratings welcome same day decision!”

The Bookmaker:

“Bet £10 and get a £40 free bet or a £100 of free bet tokens.”

Both are trying to attract as many people as possible.


Here comes the big difference between the two Industries. The Bookmaker doesn’t want the good Pro Gamblers who study this 52 weeks a year, who do this for a living. The Finance Companies positively want to do business with the top brokers and will offer their clients the best deals.

“Why?” you might ask. Because the best brokers know which finance company to approach and how to present the loan. This is turn saves the finance company from wasting their valuable and expensive time on applications that are unsuitable.

The broker makes it easy for the finance company, hence is welcomed with open arms.


Let us take a look at yourself.

One of the most noticeable things I have observed from successful people is their circle of friends and business contacts, they will be surrounded by can do positive people.

And when they want something done, they know to go to a specialist to complete the task. It will save them time and money because the specialist does this every day.

So, I invite you to:


Tap into my network…

I have been providing business help and advice since 1990, I tend to speak only to decision makers and senior staff, meaning that I can take you into their VIP area and discuss your case personally.

It is true that I just love what I do because over the years I have not only created a network of valuable connections, but they have become friends too.

A good broker knows where the special offers are, which is when finance companies wishes to balance their lending portfolio in a specific area.

Which could be

Higher risk cases- Low risk cases-Industry sector-Turnover of clients-Purpose of loan.

They will never advertise this but they will tell their favourite broker.

Please pick up the phone and say hi, you are always welcome to call me on my personal mobile.

Kind regards,

Mark Smillie

The numbers you need: 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166″

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