For many companies, government contracts can equal big business – and landing one can be a great opportunity. Taking on a government project, however, can cause a huge drain on your working capital due to long payment terms.

If you are a Government Contractor suffering with cash flow issues due to money for works delivered still being tied up in invoices then your best bet is, Invoice Finance.

In this article, we will explain what it is, why it’s the best finance option for Government contractors – and how to secure it…


What is invoice Finance

Invoice Finance (also known as Invoice Factoring) is a useful finance facility for businesses whose growth is impaired by the slow payment of invoices. It allows business owners to leverage their unpaid invoices in order to provide an instant cash injection into the business.

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Why is Invoice Finance the best solution for government contractors?

If you have secured a government contract but are facing the unenviable realisation that you don’t have enough funds to finance the job; Invoice Factoring quite simply closes the cash flow gap you are facing between project completion and payment. You will get paid upfront with the funds necessary to cover all operational costs and payroll.

It’s also an excellent choice if you don’t want to take out a loan (or don’t qualify for one).


What is the best way for government contractors to obtain Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance can be expensive and difficult to get. What’s more – if you find yourself turned down several times then you will be facing all kinds of difficulties.

To get it right with this one, you need to put yourself safely in the hands of an expert who knows all about hidden charges and has the years of experience required to take you direct, and with full confidence, to the right person.


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