The world is an extremely unpredictable place right now and it can feel incredibly frustrating when thing’s aren’t going to plan, especially if you also suddenly find yourself facing cash flow problems. Remember that you aren’t the only business owner out there who is struggling, and if you need emergency business finance then there is help at hand.

If you are in need of emergency business finance (even if you have been turned down), then you have several options…


Emergency Business Finance…

…if you are owed money

If your situation is that you are in need of emergency business finance and you are owed money, then your best option is Book Debt Finance (the finance company takes a charge on your existing outstanding charges and provides you with the loan you need).

It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, you’re a non-homeowner or have any negative history with other finance companies; as long as what you are owed is collectible – you can definitely go down this route.


…if you have an asset

If you have a commercial asset, such as property, equipment or land and you have found yourself in a situation where you need emergency business finance, then your best bet is a secured loan. A secured loan will allow you to access funds by providing your asset as security against the loan.

These are readily available, do not require proof of income and the funds will be made available to you within a 7 day turnaround.


… if you qualify for a Government-Backed Secured Loan

The CBILS scheme has been extended until March 31st and many businesses a) don’t realise that they are eligible – or b) have applied but have been turned down. If you are one of those businesses that has been turned down, then it’s quite possible that you simply made a mistake on the form (it happens all the time) and can re-apply.

The problem you have with applying direct is that you most likely don’t have an understanding of the underwriting teams lending criteria. So if you need emergency business finance and want to increase your chance of getting accepted for CBILS then get in while you still can and contact us today!


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