In today’s edition, Mark Smillie is talking about one of his favourite things! Quick and Easy business finance! Read on, and check out how this could apply to your business!


“Easy and Quick Business Finance with No Personal Guarantee

Well, that is the title, and it is true.

But it gets better…

All Credit Ratings! Yes! All credit ratings!

Open to ALL Industry sectors and this type of finance is particularly popular with the Construction Sector.


This is a Selective Invoice Facility with a Difference.

(There interest is, is the invoice collectable and NOT your credit rating and how long you have been in business for)

  • No set up fees, yes no set up charges or costs.
  • There is no annual contract or commitment.
  • Cash in an Invoice and use the facility as much or as little as you wish.

I know what you are thinking, what is the catch?


Well here is the deal.

You select one or more invoices

This is the catch though- are you ready?

The Invoice must be real and collectable!

(and at present this is just for businesses in England and Wales).


Oh but you say :

“The cost must be prohibitive and it will take ages to come through!!!”

Well lets deal with first with “How much does it Cost”

I can’t quote blind, without knowing any detail.


But I would expect:

You will Receive about 95% of the Invoice Value Upfront and that is what you will keep, this is paid to you in 1-3 days..

With No Personal Guarantee.

With ZERO set up fees.


How long does this take before you are in Funds?

The Finance Company can do a 24 hour turnaround, but why not allow 2-3 days.


Why is this finance deal so easy and simple ?

Because they want you to come back, and they wish to demonstrate to you, how simple they make this for you.


If you would like more information on this or any other type of business finance then please pick up the phone and call me on 07710 466166.

Have you ever wondered how many different types of business finance there are, which you don’t know about?


I promise you 2 things.

1)  I am very good at my job, please check my testimonials below.

2) I will give you the best possible service I can, and I will be completely straight and upfront with you as I expect you to be with me.


Besides, we might enjoy and respect each others company and create a trusted long term business relationship.

Now might be a good time to check out are named testimonials, from some of our long term clients and friends.


I am a very lucky man, I love what I do and I have built an amazing contact list of Finance Clients and friends, over my business life.

They welcome my clients (that’s You)  and I into their VIP area, and they will reward YOU with their best rates and service.


If you need business finance either now or later in the year, then I am your man. Get in touch with me today!


I look forward to speaking with you,

Best wishes,

Mark Smillie”


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