Invoice finance can be extremely beneficial for businesses both large and small – and is often simpler than traditional finance routes such as bank loans.

An invoice finance facility allows business owners to leverage their unpaid invoices and receive an instant cash injection of up to 90%.

But to get it right with this particular type of finance, you really need to get on the inside track. If only someone could introduce you to a brilliant specialist…


The Magic Finance Lady: Sharon Simpson

Sharon Simpson from Advantage Commercial Finance, who we like to call ‘The Magic Finance Lady’, is one of many incredible people with whom we have formed a strong connection over our many years of working in this sector. But she is also unique due to her expertise and delivery.

Let’s take a look at her in action…

Invoice Finance: A Case Study

A client of ours, with a long established, family-run business, was struggling with cash flow due to slow paying clients. As is our role, to connect businesses to finance providers, we immediately sought out Sharon Simpson, who is well-known and respected throughout the finance industry for:

  • Her wealth of knowledge and expertise
  • Being personally driven to deliver the best possible service.
  • Genuinely caring about her clients.

To support, Sharon immediately gave us her full assurance that she would take the absolute best care of the client. She then went on to write one of the nicest welcoming letters to them making it clear to them that she would be there for them and they could call her at any time.

Once the case was underway, Sharon kept in contact with the Directors whilst they were working through a re structure process and worked with them in the early hours of the morning as they started at 6am. In addition, she arranged 2 client visits at 7am to ensure it did not disturb their busy day (about a 60 mile drive each way).

And ultimately, on top of that service, Sharon put the facility in place within 5 days when they were ready to go.


Imagine you needed finance and we introduced you to someone like that…


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