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“Finance Companies would not advertise a Sale Season. However, they might advertise rates from 2.8%, to attract clients. Your chances of getting it by applying direct are very low, but they will have your details and can give you another offer.

This year the finance companies expect to be busier than ever with businesses applying or reapplying for the Government backed loans before they finish.

Incidentally, I have yet to speak to a company director that knows about all the Government backed loans. Most assume wrongly what you can and can’t do with the money, OR, if you apply and are turned down that there is no point in re applying or that you cannot have more than one loan.

Are you aware of all the different types of loan on offer?

Why not give me a call and find out what you are missing out on, before it is to late.

I will try and make arranging finance for you as easy and hassle free as possible! In the mean time, why not read our testimonials?


I am minded of an old saying: “The early bird catches the worm” 

A major finance company told us;

“70% of businesses applying direct for finance, are turned down whereas 70% applying through a broker are accepted”

Why you might ask?

A good broker should know which of the 100 odd finance companies is right for your type of business, credit rating and loan requirement.

A good broker should also know how to package the proposal correctly for the credit team to get the best interest rate.

Please call me if you want to discuss your options! Do you want to be taken straight to the VIP area instead of waiting at the front door with everyone else? Get in touch today!


Do you currently have an Invoice Finance Facility?

Then you really should watch this video

For any type of finance secured on your invoices, I would recommend you call me before committing yourself as I receive feedback from clients every week, telling me what it is really like instead of what the salesman said (this could save you making a serious mistake on your time and sanity).

We can also help you mitigate any guarantees by getting them capped.


Please pick up the phone and say hi, you are always welcome to call me on my personal mobile.


Kind regards,

Mark Smillie

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