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“Business owners are regularly paying up to double the rate of interest they should be. They go direct to a finance company they have heard of, rather than find one which is good for them specifically…

This is fantastic for the finance company, who will get your business, to be able to charge you more, and not have to pay a broker! Not to mention their marketing team, who has told you how easy it is to apply direct.


Been turned down for finance recently? Let’s shop around…

In the last week we have had 2 offers for Government backed loans, both for £250k! For one, the process took 5 working days, for the other it was the same day!

We had success because we knew how to package the application and who to take it to in order to get success the first time round.


Tap into my network…

I have been providing business help and advice since 1990, I tend to speak only to decision makers and senior staff, meaning that I can take you to the VIP area.

It is true that I just love what I do because over the years I have not only created a network of valuable connections, but they have become friends too.

This means that I can get great rates for you; normally 10% to 50% cheaper than going direct!

I deal with all credit ratings, and can support you with emergency finance and company restructure.


Remember, business finance is like the sea, it constantly changes, bringing joy or disaster; it is very hard to read unless you are on it 7 days a week, and experience is everything.

Please call me if you want to discuss your options on 0800 612 5364 or 07710 466166


Some Company Directors ensure a good night’s sleep by not worrying about company finances, or one of their major clients going bust! Imagine that…?

How do they do it? Well, they have a large finance facility secured on their book debts and can use it whenever they want!

I can get that for you. All sectors welcome especially Construction!


Where I differ from some is that with so many types of finance available, I know my limitations. I do not say I am an expert at every type of finance, but I do have someone on my team who is that expert.


Let’s talk today.

Very best wishes,

Mark Smillie”

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