At Ringrose, our business finance brokers don’t work with lenders to get you a loan, they work with you to find the lender you need. How does that work? Let us explain…


Tell us about yourself

When a business owner who is seeking finance first contacts us, the foremost thing we do is listen carefully to what they are trying to achieve.

Once we fully understand your business and your financial requirements, we’ll talk you through your options and make recommendations based on our real time industry knowledge.


Did you know that the best business loan for your circumstances, might not be the one you originally imagined?


Apply for Success

The next step is to prepare your application for success. To do this, we will ask you for everything the underwriter will in advance of their requests and assess everything before they do. By doing that we can identify what they’ll flag and correct it before it damages your chances of approval later in the process.


It is because we ensure that our clients’ paperwork are presented to the right lenders in a way that ensures they can be processed efficiently, that our applications are welcomed and 80% of them are approved first time.


It is true that by spending time and care at the beginning, we are getting our clients the finance they need, within an acceptable time frame, and often at better rates.


Choose us, they have…

We work with 70+ lenders and are proud of how our excellent relationships benefit both our one time and ongoing clients.

Remember, these lenders (that’s over 100, all with different and ever changing lending criteria) constantly share information with us about what they’re looking for, so that when you tell us what you need, we can match you up with them. What’s more, you don’t pay us to make the match, they do!

So why not choose us to make an application on your behalf this time? And see the difference for yourself?


Ready to apply? Start by looking at our business loan options.

Remember we offer a specialist construction finance service if that is your sector. We also specialise in invoice finance and property development loans.

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