Are you a self service or an A La Catre kind of person? Mark Smillie is back an asking the important questions with his latest post, read on now!


“Pre Covid, the rule of thumb guide was:

70% of Company Directors applying direct for Finance, have their time wasted.

70% who went through a Broker were accepted


But now things have changed with many of the 50+ Finance Companies

  • Some have reduced their number of different types of finance that they offer
  • Some have stopped or reduced lending to certain industry sectors
  • Many Underwriters are now also looking at additional factors before agreeing to finance trouble is not many people know what they are.


But to complicate matters more;

You know we have Good Painters/Plumbers/Lawyers and average ones and of course poor ones.

Well finance brokers are the same. The ones who have struggled over the Covid period and not kept up to date with the Finance Companies changing requirements are making multiple applications (20 and 30+) without the clients knowledge. They make them on the basis ‘throw enough mud on the wall, some will stick.’

The problem is Underwriters worry when they see Multiple Credit Footprints, they worry there is something bad that they do not know about.

Back to this Self Service Restaurant, you go in there and get what you are given like it or not.

Well going to a Finance Company or Bank direct in this current business climate can be similiar to self service.
Unless you really know which finance company is the perfect fit for your circumstances and you totally “Nail” the application form in the Covid way the Underwriters now look at your business.

This also applies to the new Government Loans!

Get any part of the application form wrong and you will be;

  • Turned down
  • You will be offered a higher interest rate than you could have received
  • Your decision will be put on hold until they receive more information, which can lead to last minute turndowns and wasting your valuable time over weeks of delay.


This what our clients say about us in our Named Testimonials page on our website.


Why not pick up the phone and tell me what type of finance would really add value to your business and let me serve it to you A La Carte?


You are welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166

I Look forward to serving you.

Mark Smillie”


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