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“If you don’t mind me being honest, it is a great day! Our figures for the year are the best they have been in the last 8 years.

(Our success is nothing to do with Covid, many brokers are finding the opposite).


This is really good news for my clients, as they have benefited with the finance at the best rates but more importantly, we have been able to arrange “Bespoke Finance” for the ones that need some flexibility, a finance package that is right for their business.

I am not sure if “Bespoke” is the right wording, but our aim is to get the client finance that is going to be ideal for their business. This is opposed to a standard loan, that might not suit their business needs.

But you can only arrange “Bespoke Finance” if your contact base is good enough (Everything is about business relationships, as I am sure you know).

These 3 types of business finance may interest you.



You still have time to apply for a CBIL’s loan or another CBILS loan.

Does the following apply to your business?

  • Already received a CBILS loan, but wished you had applied for more?
  • The Bank turned you down?
  • Still have not applied?
  • Why not roll up all your loans into 1 CBIL’s Loan?


2) Short term Finance with No Personal Guarantee

All Industry Sectors (including Construction)

All Credit ratings and No Set Up Fees

Just select some Invoices you’re owed.

The finance companies main interest, is the invoice collectable and NOT your credit rating.

  • There are no set up fees, yes no set up charges or costs.
  • There is no annual contract or commitment.
  • Cash in an Invoice and use the facility as much or as little as you wish.

We can help you put this in place very quickly and easily, finance is the same as most things in life, its all about who you know and using the right people (why not check out our named testimonials?)


3) Struggling to get enough finance ?

If you own, more or less any form of security, we can help you arrange a finance facility from £100k to £10m.

This type of finance is ideal for.

  • Finishing a project
  • Short term cashflow need

This is with a finance company who try and work out, how they can help as opposed to you having to tick the right boxes.

They like to meet their clients and get a deal done which is right for your business.

I should be able to answer any of your questions about this, I have put this facility in place for 2 Clients in the last quarter for just under £2m.

Both companies have great businesses, but were struggling to get the finance they needed.


We made it really easy for the clients, due to our knowledge and relationships.

We can do the same for you!

Remember, business finance is like the sea! It constantly changes, bringing joy or disaster; it is very hard to read unless you are on it 7 days a week, and experience is everything.

Please call me if you want to discuss your options on 0800 612 5364 or on my personal mobile, 07710 466166

You are always welcome to get in touch to talk!


Very best wishes,

Mark Smillie”


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