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After the pandemic’s stress and uncertainty, it seems British business owners are feeling a bit more optimistic about the future.

Which is great for all of us.

The only real downside is, the more businesses that apply for finance; the fussier and pickier lenders can be.

Which can mean less finance could end up being on offer, or if you are accepted, it’ll be available at a much higher rate than usual.

My honest advice? If you’re seriously considering finance this year, don’t put it off until you need it; start the ball rolling to get in front of the queue and the best deal on the table.

(Waiting until you need it is often the worst thing to do – lenders will see things getting tight and almost always give you a worse deal because of it.)

With so many finance options available to you, and now with the bonus of Personal Guarantee Insurance to protect you and your family should the worst happen, there’s no need to wait.

If you’re interested in a confidential, free call to discuss your options, I’m always available on my mobile 07710 466166 or feel free to book a call for when it suits you best – Calendly

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