ways to borrow from book debts

The days are long gone, when a Company Director could just pick up the phone and speak to their bank manager and ask for a loan or overdraft and it would be agreed there and then.

Due to the change in the bank’s lending criteria, Finance Companies have stepped up to the plate and now offer a degree of flexibility and variety of loans that simply were not there a few years ago.

Yes finance on your book debts is totally different now, it really has changed.

1 Way to borrow from your book debts

  • Get an immediate advance, on one or multiple book debts.
  • Use this service as much or as little as you wish
  • Without being signed up to an annual contract with fees.
  • There is normally no Personal Guarantee

What could be easier?

Second way

This is for the larger business, looking for finance to fund expansion. The Finance Company simply takes a charge on the assets of the business and can make a loan available typically from £200k to £4m.

  • Rarely are there any Personal Guarantees as the loan is secured on the assets.
  • There is no penalty for early repayment
  • A fixed interest rate and total transparency on fees
  • Funding decision usually within a week

Third way

At the last count there were 92 different Finance Companies who would provide funding with your book debts acting as security.

We can tailor make a package to suit your business, incorporating some of the following to suit you, but better still, tell us where your current finance company is failing you or tell us what would ideally suit your firm and let us deliver it for you.

  • The Finance Company has no contact with your clients.
  • Payment on Recurring Income Streams and Uncertified Applications for Payment
  • Choice of which clients to finance
  • Complete transparency on fees and very low admin for the facility

I am a very lucky man, I happen to love what I do, so don’t worry about wasting my time just pick up the telephone and call me on 07710 466166.

That’s been my phone number since mobiles came out and during that time I have built up an incredible contact list.

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