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Well on Friday, we should know what is going on, hopefully we will not have another “Hung Parliament”, I am not sure we could all go through that again.
The two busiest times of the year for business finance is the end of January, February and March and the other time of the year is October and November.
You might be thinking what has this got to do with Sale Prices for Finance?
Many businesses decided to leave applying for finance in October and November until the New Year due to the political uncertainty and the B word, hence the first quarter of the new year, finance companies could be be nearly twice as busy as normal.

Finance Companies and Banks, would never advertise a Sale Season. However,they might advertise, Rates from 2.8%, as one is doing to attract clients, chances of getting it are virtually zero, but they will have plenty of businesses who respond and they will have your details to market you with and they will give you an entirely different quote. It’s a numbers game, that is why 70% of businesses that apply direct will be turned down.
We all know the Law of Supply and Demand, of course we do.
Right now, finance companies are not busy, hence your favourite broker is being offered deals which are not available to the general public and most other brokers.
Finance companies and banks are always worried about uncertainty, think Brexit and the political situation.
Which is one of the reasons why, clients applying direct are sometimes being charged as much as double, to what we are getting for our clients(they must feel the need to build their reserves and are doing it with one off clients).
We had one client who went back to their existing finance company and asked for some more funding they were quoted 10.8 percent to roll the two loans together.We did the same deal at 5.8%
That reminds me of a recent case, I was speaking to a “seasoned” Company Director and he said.
Mark, I have always arranged my own finance “how can you get me a better deal?”
I explained to him, that a good broker will know which of the finance companies are offering the best deal at the moment.
They will also be able to explain any potential issues, which will result in the best rates(the packaging of the application is key, when it comes to getting a low rate of interest).
Well I could have been talking to a brick wall, his eyes glassed over, he did not believe a word and thought it was all “BS”.
Simon Jewell, The Pilot Inn
“Having used brokers before I didn’t expect Mark at Ringrose Business Finance to achieve a better interest rate that I could get from the bank directly but he definitely delivered with a brilliant rate of 5.4% I thought it would be 10% and the loan was all sorted out within a week fantastic service I’m glad I decided to give Mark a chance.” Simon Jewell, The Pilot Inn
We were also lucky again when a client was hoping for 5-6% on 300k and we achieved 3.2%.
Have you checked out our 40 named testimonials on the website?

If your business is looking for any type of business finance, that is what we do, including property development and all types of secured loans (and do you ever need a specialist in this type of finance, a normal broker will not cut it either, I probably have the best specialist in the country on my team).
Why not pick up the phone and tell me what finance would ideally suit your business, let us be your Satnav helping you get there quickly and easily we work with all types of business, including the construction sector, my father was a builders merchant.

I look forward to speaking with you, please try and ring me before 6 this evening as I am taking my Mum and the family out for her 89th Birthday tonight, but please don’t tell her I told you she was 89.

Best wishes,
Mark Smillie – you are welcome to call me on my mobile 07710 466166

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