Commercial Bridging Loans

A commercial bridging loan is a short term secured loan (usually 2-12 months) which can be used to see a business through a period of growth or change, to fund a property purchase or development, to fund a new venture or even for an HMRC issue.

Did you know?

In many instances, when a client comes to us asking for a Commercial Bridging Loan, we actually end up securing them a short term unsecured at about half the interest rate of a Bridge.

That’s because we know what type of funding is right for your needs, as well as where the best deals are.

Think you need a bridging loan? Ask us first, there might be another option.

Pay less, save stress

Every finance company has their own sweet spot for acceptance; be that the purpose of an applicant’s loan, loan amount, exit route and/or credit rating, they know who they want to lend to under what circumstances.

But how do you know which one that is for you? Equally, even if you know which ones are most likely to accept you, how do you know which one of those will give you the best deal?

Don’t go it alone, chancing it at the finance companies you know, decreasing your chances of acceptance each time. Get it right first time with us because, once we understand your circumstances, we will know exactly where to take your application for acceptance at the best rate.

The inside track

Finance deals are complex therefore it can be tempting to simply look at the headlines and trust the rest. And even if you do stop to read the small print, the detail can be tricky to interpret.

STOP! And remember the rule; if the deal seems too easy or too good to be true, then it probably is.

Don’t get stuck in a deal it is impossible to get out of, don’t get caught by unreasonable charges should you fail to adhere to terms. Let us find you a deal which works for you, and help you understand all aspects of it because that small print, isn’t a problem for us.

  • We take the pain and stress out of getting accepted for a short-term loan which suits you

What you get with a Ringrose specialist…

  • 5-10 day turnaround

  • No proof of income request

  • A planned exit route

  • Deals from £30k to £30m

  • A tailor made package

Psst, here’s a pro tip: Instead of trying to fit yourself into the lender’s criteria, accepting the contract they want to offer you, or worse, being forced to take an unsuitable deal at the last minute due to underwriting demands, why make your own terms and then find a lender which can meet them?

Whether you need to roll the monthly payments, or you might need some options if your exit route is delayed or if there are credit issues. Just tell us what you need from a dela and let us steer you to a finance company that can help and wants to speak to you.

  • How do commercial bridging loans work?

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What people like you say about us…

​”​We’re very pleased with the financial solution Mark delivered for us and we still keep the direct relationship with our clients as a result. As a young and growing business, we hadn’t held out much hope of being able to find the support we needed, but having done some research, Mark was confident he could help. He’s definitely the go-to person for invoice finance.”

Drew Benham

Comcore Ltd

“Having used brokers before, I didn’t expect Mark at Ringrose Business Finance to achieve a better interest rate than I could get from a bank directly.Mark definitely delivered with a brilliant rate of 5.4% – I thought it would be 10%. And the loan was all sorted out within a week. Fantastic service – I’m glad I decided to give Mark a chance.”  

Simon Jewell

Director, The Pilot Inn

“I have used Mark Smillie for business finance for the last 3 years, he surrounds himself with a contact list of “Can Do People”, apart from business finance I have found Mark a very good sounding board for various business matters. He is also a pleasure to deal with, I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.”

Mark Wilkins

Uk Acoustics Systems Ltd

“We are a market leader in CCTV and supply Worldwide, when we take on new work we always wish to have suitable finance in place. We had been receiving Mark’s emails for some time, so I rang him one Tuesday. He said he would make it as painless as possible and, we had an approval on Wednesday morning and funds in our account on the Friday. My time is valuable to me and I like dealing with people who excel in giving their clients excellent service as we do.”

Steve Baker

Genie CCTV Ltd.

“In my constant strive to make my restaurant the best it possible can be, I occasionally need business finance. Should your business need finance I can recommend Mark Smillie he knows how to get the job done.”

Fernando Stovell

Stovell’s – Waitrose Good Food Restaurant of the Year South East

“My experience of Mark is getting to grips with a distressed situation, quickly and effectively.He made common sense recommendations on how to take our application for finance forward (or sideways, as this case was!).”

Mike Stubbs

Partner at Mishcon de Reya

“We are well established profitable boutique post production company in Soho, we applied to the Bank for a facility prior to speaking to Mark Smillie, with his assistance, we now have finance in place and still have not heard back from the bank.
If you are looking for business finance without the hassle then give Mark a call.”

David Tasker

Platform Post Production Ltd

“We first spoke to Mark Smillie over a year ago with regard to Finance which he arranged quickly and easily for us. What impressed us again when we spoke to him about two weeks ago, was that like our Company philosophy he truly cares about delivering the best services possible, we wish him well and it is great dealing with people who genuinely care.”

Andrew Kirkey

OSV Limited-Professionals in Vehicle Supply


Getting accepted for a commercial bridging loan…

Before they accept your application, all finance companies will look at…

Your credit rating, amount of loan, purpose of loan, term of loan, current spread of its own lending

Now, we know that to get accepted for a loan, you cannot be turned down too many times before any succesful application, therefore the key is to get accepted first time! That means going to the right lender in the first instance.

But often only an experienced broker will really know which finance company is best suited for your requirements and be able to take you there without going round a few; this comes through years of knowledge and business development.

But, let’s assume you find the right finance company yourself, one that ideally suits your requirements and theirs, there is one final thing you have to do… to get the best rate, you’ll have to fill out the application form so that it ticks the underwriter’s box for the lending criteria for that finance company, get it wrong and you could be paying 50% more than you need to – or worse, you could still be turned down.

Finance companies know we don’t waste their time, they want us to keep coming back to them, which is why if you come into the VIP area with us, you will be treated to the best service and rates that they can give, because that is how you treat your best brokers.

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